How To Clean An Alabaster

How to Clean an Alabaster

Fabulous decorative ornaments you see in houses are made up of porous Alabaster. These are used in detailed carvings because most people find it very attractive. Its delicate features entail taking good care of it very well. Most people are afraid to hold such ornament and that is why they think that it would be better not to have it cleaned. Get rid of that mentality because here below are some ways you can learn on how to clean an Alabaster.

There are varying degrees of cleaning your Alabaster because it too has different sizes. Let us first know the necessary equipment needed in cleaning your ornament. These stuffs are economy-friendly so that you do not need to take out any cents from your pockets.

Degree of Cleaning

  • Light Cleaning- Soft dry pure cotton cloth.
  • Moderate Cleaning – Water, dishwashing sponge (without metal) and a dishwashing liquid.
  • Heavy Cleaning- Cotton wool balls and acetone.
  • Removing of smoke build-up – Soft cloth and Borax.

For Light Cleaning

Simply wipe the alabaster with a clean dry pure cotton cloth. Never use a damp wet cloth for it may possibly damage the ornament if not used carefully. If alabaster is regularly cleaned its attractive form may be maintained for a longer time.

For Moderate Cleaning

First, you need to have a mixture of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water. Dampen your sponges with water and wring to facilitate drying. Keep the sponges slightly wet and prevent the water from dripping. Gently rub a sponge onto the alabaster and do not apply too much friction because the ornament is very delicate and you do not want it to be damaged. Rinse the sponge with fresh lukewarm water, and then wipe using a soft cotton cloth. Put the alabaster in a safe cool environment for a few minutes. If returned immediately after cleaning or when exposed unduly to the sun it may expand and crack. Thus, observe the ornament first before putting it back in place. Since some alabaster have detailed designs do not forget to clean them too.

For Heavy Cleaning

Using your prepared cotton ball wet it with acetone (nail polish remover) wipe the ornament. Repeat this step as desired until stains are removed but be careful not to over rub it.

For removing smoke build-up

Dampen a soft cloth into dry borax and gently wipe the alabaster. Do not forget to remove the borax by wiping it with a new soft cotton cloth. Again, avoid rubbing hard the alabaster.

Things to remember

  • When other solutions are desired to be used have it tested first on ordinary furniture to prevent unnoticeable damage.
  • Alabaster should never be immersed into water for it may ruin its attracting appearance.
  • Do not use abrasive and harmful compounds or solution.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer to dry the alabaster because it can cause unwanted cracks.
  • Since borax is made up of hazardous compounds always keep them out of children’s reach.




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