How To Clean BMW Interiors

BMW cars are very luxurious and high-quality vehicles. Taking care of it means that you are protecting what you have invested. You as the owner must also know on simple methods in cleaning your car interiors. There are some interior cleaning agents available in automobile shops, but we can make our own cleaners. These are the following materials we will need to clean our car interiors.

1. Cleaning rag
2. Water
3. Alcohol
4. Baking soda
5. Vacuum
6. Sprayer
7. Car perfume (optional)
8. Lysol

For the steps:

1. Make your own cleaner by mixing water and rubbing alcohol in your sprayer.
2. Spray the mixture on car’s surfaces and wipe it using a soft fabric rag.
3. Wipe the hard surfaces of your car interiors. You can use your own agents to clean your interiors. Apply friction to remove dust and dirt.
4. Place a baking soda on your car’s ashtray. Baking sodas can help in absorbing undesirable odor and smell of your car.
5. Remove your car’s carpet.
6. Get your vacuum and set it to medium power and clean the floor surface of your car.
7. You can also use vacuum to your car seats (from front to back part of your car seats) to remove the stocked dust and dirt and odor.
8. Remove any trash inside your car.
9. Vacuum the removed carpet using your vacuum cleaners. Make sure that all dust or dirt is removed.
10. Return it to the car.
11. Shampoo your car interiors. Open your car windows. Get a basin and place a hot water inside and place 2 tablespoon of baking soda to your basin. Steaming your car can help you to thoroughly remove any odor of your car.
12. Get your Lysol and spray it to carpet, below the car seats, and around the pedal part of your cars.
13. Assess if your car interior is already clean and fresh.
14. Clean windows using your own agent or your desired glass cleaner using a soft towel. There are many cleaners available to your favorite car shops.
15. Wipe the dashboard of your car and knobs be very careful not to destroy them. Using your own rubbing alcohol and water mixture.
16. It is also important to check your car’s lock, seatbelts, and other interior accessory of your car.
17. Try to open your car’s Ac and observe if it function very well. If not, ask your car technician to fix your AC.
18. You can repeat spraying car perfumes or Lysol as desired.
19. If you are done with these procedures, allow to air dry. Leave your car open for at least 20-30 minutes.
20. You can also dry polish your car with a clean cloth. Drying with a clean rag protects your dashboard plastics and it can become shinier too.

See? Cleaning your car interiors is very important. Also, cleaning your car interior is also like showing your personality. If your car is clean then that simply means you are a responsible car user.

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