How To Clean BMW Rims

In 1916 a German automobile and motorcycle established BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or in English Bavarian Motor Works) that produce high-quality, luxurious vehicle that can lead in car industry. The parts of a car is carefully built and designed to give justice to the buyer who simply spends his or her money buying cars. And BMW cars never did or even once failed their costumers since they produce not only lavish cars but also there vehicles can last for years because of its quality and materials. A wheel keeps the automobile work, and if you are familiar with a rim that is basically the external design of metal that is inside the edge of a tire is accumulated on vehicles like cars, bike, and motorcycle. Rims and wheels are two of the most bought car accessories. It has been the most expensive external accessory. For you to be able to protect your rims and tires, you need to regularly clean them.

Cleaning your car might be a tough work, especially the rims. Most of you love to see your rims always clean and shiny since it also adds attractiveness to your cars. Cleaning rims might be a bit harder but if you will be guided on the proper and easy ways on how to clean it, you won’t probably have a hard time. In cleaning your rims you will need the following materials.

    • 1. Rubber Gloves
    • 2. Wheel cleaners (your brand preference)
    • 3. Basin
    • 4. Hose
    • 5. Cleaning rag
             6. Dry towel

Here are the easy steps to follow:

    • 1. Go to your nearest automobile shop and buy a rim cleaning agent that is not too harsh or acidic in material since rims must be carefully cleaned. Choosing the right agent must be considered too.
    • 2. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning agent chemicals. Hands may absorb these chemicals and may cause you allergies.
    • 3. Place a half full of water into your basin. Read instruction on the amount of cleaning agent to be used in cleaning your rims.
    • 4. Wet your rims using your hose. Make sure that the rims are entirely and thoroughly wet.
    • 5. Get your cleaning rag. Place it in the basin with cleaning agents. Make sure that the rag is soapy.
    • 6. Rub it in your car rims. Start in the inner then outer direction in a circular motion. Apply force when necessary, friction can remove those sticky dust or dirt in your rims.
    • 7. You can include your tires when cleaning.
    • 8. Repeat steps when necessary.
    • 9. Once you are already satisfied with your work and you can see that the rims and tires are already clean you can now proceed to the next step.
    • 10. Rinse your rims and tires with clean water. It is important to rinse it completely. Make sure that no agent will remain in your rims or tires.
             11. Get your dry towel, and then wipe the excess water in your rims and tires.

With these methods, it is very easy to do. If you want to protect your investment because the rims and tires are expensive, you have to be vigilant to the needs of your car. BMW cars are indeed luxurious and if we add shinier looking rims, it adds more beauty to it.

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