How To Clean CCD Camera

The CCD or Charge coupled device is designed to turn optical brightness to reproduce image using electric signals without time restriction producing quality images with vivid color. If the camera is no longer producing clear images, there might be a problem which could lead to altered image results.

Follow the guidelines on how to clean CCD camera:

  • Gather cleaning tools for the CCD camera. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines before proceeding. Cleaning might be risky for amateurs. Professional help is advice for those who don’t know how to handle a CCD camera.
  • Use a sensor brush, CCD cleaning tools, compressed air from blower, micro fiber cloth, and remoistened sensor swabs for cleaning.
  • To start, remove the lens from the camera. This will help in visualizing the sensor for more accurate cleaning.
  • Air from the blower will help remove debris. Place the air blower to the sensor and release compressed air. This will remove dirt and dust. Do it gently. We don’t want the sensor to be damage.
  • Do not use any blower other than the recommended kind so that it will not cause damage. Some blowers contain chemicals which could lead to altered camera performance. Place the blower near the camera and released air to blow away dust.
  • Remove dirt and other particles using the sensor brush. Sweep off those unwanted dust.
  • Use only moistened swab after brushing off the dirt. These swabs will absorb excess dirt without causing damage. Do not use cotton because it might leave traces and fibers.
  • Wipe off using micro fiber cloth to make it cleaner. Test the camera by placing a white paper and take a picture of it. This will determine if the camera is already clean and functioning well.

Always take good care of your CCD camera. If you are not confident with your cleaning skills do not hesitate to ask for help from the manufacturer or special shops designed for cameras and other high-technology gadgets. Do not expose the camera on humid and hot weather conditions to prevent any damages. Have fun taking pictures and don’t forget to follow the cleaning tips mentioned above.

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