How To Clean CCD Canon

Dirt and dust has been a problem for people who take pictures using the CCD canon camera. Once dirt and other particles penetrate the camera, it will cause damage and make the pictures blurred. Potential symptoms will show lines on the LCD or in the images. Later on this type of problem caused by dirt and debris will lead to distortion of images or shifting of colors. If left uncared for, it may leadto severe color shifts and wash-out appearance.

These are the guidelines on how to clean CCD Canon:

  • Inspect for possible problems. Remove the lens and examine if there are any possible damages or see how dirty it is.
  • If you are able to clean it alone, then prepare the materials needed. Get a swab, brush and blower.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning tips. If none, continue cleaning following these tips.
  • Use only a cleaning system fit for Canon CCD. There are kits that include swabs, brush and cloth and instructions as well.
  • Use a soft blower into the sensor. Allow it to blow a low-pressure air to remove dust and debris. Make sure to take good care of the camera while cleaning. Any additional damage could lead to purchasing another canon ccd camera.
  • Use the soft brush to sweep off the dirt removed by the blower. If there is still dust, blow some air. This is an effective way to remove particles even before CCD camera came and people are using film cameras.
  • Get the swab and wipe off the sensor. This will help in removing deep-seated dirt. The good thing about these swabs, it will absorb excess debris for thorough cleaning.
  • If the cause of the problem is due to faulty CCD hence not by dirt of other debris, consult your Canon manufacturer.
  • End the cleaning by wiping off the sensor using a fiber cloth. Return the sensor and test the camera for patchy images. If the images are sharp and clear then it is good to go.

Any digital gadget needs extra care because of how sensitive their parts may be. Always handle it with care and do not let the camera become exposed to harmful elements. Check the guidelines always and clean the CCD canon using the steps stated above.

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