How To Clean CCD

CCD or Charge-coupled device is used when taking a high quality and high resolution images. These are produced to make digital imaging possible. The device itself is to allow movements of the electrical charge to where it can be manipulated. These devices contains grid that are use for digital cameras. However, dirt and dust could affect the device’s performance.

Here are the steps on how to clean CCD:

  • Be very cautious and careful when cleaning CCD. If you have the manufacturer’s cleaning procedure then read it. Examine the Camera to determine problems regarding the device. If problem is about the quality of the pictures then it’s best to clean it.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools for cleaning like a sensor brush, compressed air from blower, remoistened sensor swabs or a CCD cleaning kit. Also prepare micro fiber cloth which is needed for cleaning.
  • Cleaning the sensor is a must to get rid of the dust and dirt. But it is important to have skills when handling CCD. If you find it hard and very delicate to handle then let someone professional do it for you.
  • To start, follow the guidelines if you have the manufacturer’s booklet. Detach the lens from the camera and locate the sensor. Once the lens is removed the sensor will be visible enough.
  • Compressed air into the sensor using a recommended air-blower. Avoid using aerosol blower because it might contain some chemicals which could harm the Camera. Compressed air will blow away any dust particles.
  • Using a sensor brush, gently brush off dirt and other particles but do it gently. After each brushing clean the tip to remove dust, this will prevent from in redistributing the dirt.
  • Using the moistened swap wipe the sensor gently to remove other particles that the brush could not. These swabs are moistened with a cleaning solution which is safe in cleaning CCD. Then wipe off using micro fiber cloth. But be cautious because micro fiber cloth may leave particles causing new build ups of dust.
  • Test the CCD to know if the cleaning is successful. Take pictures on a plain white paper or on a white wall. This will determine if the sensor is clean enough to produce quality images without spots.

Cleaning CCD camera is really simple but it needs skills when handling one. Do not hesitate to ask for help from camera shops or from the company itself where you purchased the CCD if there are problems with the device. And remember to handle the device care and use only right cleaning tools and products.

VIDEO: How To Clean CCD

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