How To Clean Celery

How To Clean Celery

Celery or with its scientific name of Apium graveolens var. dulce, Apiaceae which seeds, roots, leaves and stalks are used for a lot functions. Celery is a nutritious plant since it is an excellent source of potassium,; it contains folic acid, vitamin B6, Vitamin C.

Aside from being nutritious, it has also medicinal purposes such as it can treat flu, arthritis and insomnia. It can also lower your blood pressure, it is a diuretic, and also an antiseptic. For some reasons, these could be revealed because it has a lot of purposes and functions. It is one important plant that the buyers are trying to look for in the market because of these revealed facts. Cleaning your celery is not hard as it may sound.

In cleaning your celery these are the steps for you to follow:

  • Choose your knife. Your knife blade must be sharp, but not as sharp that you need for slicing a tomato. Choose a knife that is medium sized, has an easy grip or holder, and choose a knife that is safe to use.
  • Get your celery. Wash them. Then remove the external stalks. The external stalks taste bitter, you may use them for soups, so it’s better for you to set them aside.
  • Remove the bottom part of the celery using your chopping board. This is also the dirtiest. You can clean it and make use of it in soups or you can just discard it.
  • Clean the end part of the celery, and then individually clean the stalks. You can cut top edges of the celery.
  • Place your thumb at the back of the celery and position the knife at the end of the celery. Remember to cut it gently, just enough to pull back the celery flesh. For first timers, it is definitely normal if you see a lot of strings from the celery. Be careful not to cut yourself.
  • A gentle pull yet firm all the way down the celery stalk is the technique to correctly clean the celery. Repeat the pulling procedure until you see no more strings attached to your celery.

For first timers, it can be hard. But cleaning your celery can be practiced. If you really want to do it and have the heart of doing it, like your celery that has a heart, in no time you will master the art of cleaning your celery.

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