How To Clean CMOS Sensor

CMOS sensor has millions of pixels and a photo detector in each pixel. When light enters the lens, the photo detector collects an electric charge based on the light that strikes the CMOS sensor. The camera then converts these captured pixels into a photo. CMOS are more popular nowadays compared to CCD because of its speed and energy saving performance. But just like other digital devices, dirt and dust will affect the CMOS captured images.

Here are the ways on how to clean CMOS SENSOR:

  • There are several types of tools that can be used in cleaning the sensor. The materials needed are the sensor swab, a soft brush and a blower. These tools are enough to clean the sensor.
  • Purchase a cleaning kit for CMOS sensor if you don’t have any at home. They can be bought online or in the camera shop. Having a kit like this will lessen worries on cleaning because it has cleaning instructions.
  • Use the sensor brush to sweep all dirt and dust. It has static charge that instantly picks up dirt particles. Sensor brush can be used all over again and it will save enough money in cleaning.
  • Check the sensor before applying blower. Know if it is wet and dry and check for further cleaning needs. Blowers will not clean the sensor alone but they are needed to remove unwanted dust.
  • Do not shake the blower, hold it upright and spray to the sensor gently. Do not let the tip of the blower get close to the sensor.
  • Prepare the swab and wipe it on the sensor. Do not use force on wiping, just do it gently enough to remove the dirt with the tip of the swab. Starting at the lower side corner, use same pressure when applying swab all the way. Drag slowly and gently to remove particles.
  • Complete each stroke on both sides of the sensor.
  • Reattached the sensor back and check the camera if it functions well. Test by taking a photo of a blank white paper.

Take your time in cleaning the sensor. Do not rush things to make sure that the device will not be damage and cleaning is done properly. Sometimes, dirt and dust accumulate to the lens and sensor without us knowing. So it is important to take good care of our gadgets and protect them from harmful substances.

VIDEO: How To Clean CMOS Sensor

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