How To Clean CPU Thermal Paste

Before giving you the tips on how to remove thermal paste on your CPUs, try to check first how you manage your own computer set. Did you take time to clean it every day? Have you tried different things to clean it? Actually, whether you will clean it or not, thermal paste will really become visible after how much usage of computers. This is caused by thermal process the CPU has. It will absorb dirt around and will turn it into paste. CPU became warmer after few hours of use and when the room temperature is not cold enough, it will get even warmer that could melt the dirt and dust around it that we cannot see clearly. This is how CPU thermal paste is created. Now, cleaning CPU thermal paste is easy. You just need to follow these instructions;

  • Get cotton buds and soak its head on an alcohol. Gently rub the buds around your CPU chips and repeat until clean. Although, this procedure is quite time consuming but it is one of the safest ways in cleaning your CPU’s.
  • Do not use hard and sharp edges materials that will cause slight damages to your chips. Always keep a safe cleaning. CPUs are very delicate and when damaged, everything needs to be repaired.
  • Another way to clean it is using a pure acetone. If incase you do not have any alcohol at home, best alternative is the pure acetone. Same with alcohol pour it to a cotton buds or Q-tips (for a smaller tip) and gently rub it around the CPU chip.
  • Arctic Silver is also advisable however do not use this for cleaning older type of CPUs for this may harm other parts around it. Do not do the cleaning with Arctic Silver near electrical parts for this might cause some damaged.
  • Black pins are also good in cleaning CPUs however make sure to turn it in opposite way to avoid its sharp edges.
  • See to it that everything you removed will be attached properly after cleaning. Do not attempt to try removing some of its parts like its cases if you do not know how to put them back again.
  • If you are afraid to clean your CPUs and want it cleaned safely, you can always go to your nearest computer hardware and have your CPUs clean. They offer different services that will help computer problems.
  • Have an expert near you if you are planning to clean your CPU for you to have a faster rescue or assistance in case there is something you need.
  • Always have a proper cooling of your CPUs before turning it on because the CPU will be permanently damage without it.

It is important to follow these procedures so you will get those thermal pastes on your CPU safely. Always have these things ready when cleaning and be extra careful. Some parts of the CPU are small but has its own role.

VIDEO: How To Clean CPU Thermal Paste

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