How To Clean CPU

A responsible computer owner should know that it is very important to clean every part and peripherals of his or her computer. A clean and maintained computer has lesser chances to experience performance troubles and glitches. One of the most essential parts of the computer that needs to be clean always is the Central Processing Unit or the CPU to prevent it from getting damaged or overheating. The dusts that stay on your CPU can destroy it and slow down the processing and performance of your computer.

Here are the procedures to clean your CPUs effectively and carefully.

1. Make sure that no electricity is still flowing on your computer. Shut down the unit and remove all the computer plug and cords from the electrical socket. Place the electric cords and other cables away from your computer before cleaning your CPU.

2. Do not directly put your CPU on the floor. Get a platform where you can place your CPU. The floor has a static charge and directly placing your CPU on the floor can destroy the CPU. If possible, clean your CPU outside your home or your building to avoid the static inside.

3. To clean the external casing of your CPU, wet a soft and cottony cloth with water and mild detergent solution.

4. If you have a computer vacuum, you can use it to suck off the dust, hair and dirt lurking on the fan and vents found on your computer.

5. Open the case of your computer to clean the internal components of your unit. You may need a screwdriver to open your CPU. Be careful when opening your computer case. Make sure that you know the locations of the screw before you unbolt them. Some of the CPU has particular way to open the computer case and if you think your computer brand and model is one of those, it would be better to research first on the proper unscrewing of your CPU. You can also get the manual of your computer and look for the instructions on how to open the computer case.

6. To clean the tray for the CD-ROM drive, open it first and then blow some air in it. This will get rid of the dust that stayed in there. To open your CD-ROM tray, get a paper clip and push it into the little hole located under the CD tray.

7. Get hold of an anti-static wrist strap and place an anti static mat on the floor. Put the strap on your wrist and then connect it to a metal frame or to any electrical ground. This is to make certain that you will not destroy electronic equipments because of your body’s static discharge.

8. You can clean the internal area of your CPU by using compressed air or canned air. To effectively use this to blow away the dusts and clean the CPU, make sure that it would puffed air two inches away from the CPU. You can also clean the motherboards, the air intake and others using the compressed air. Try not to touch any components found inside your CPU.

9. Reattach the computer case afterwards. You can also put back the cords and other cables but make sure to clean them first with moistened cloth.

It is also important to keep not only your CPU clean, but also maintaining a clean environment will be a great help to manage a clean and dust-free CPU.

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