How To Clean Crystal Chandeliers

Owning a chandelier can add glamour and decorative light source to your home. However, it can also get foggy with the presence of dust and dirt. Cleaning crystal chandelier should be your main task if you want to keep crystals sparkling at its best.

The things that you will need in cleaning crystal chandelier are spray bottles, soft cloths, chandelier cleaning solution, isopropyl alcohol, masking tape, distilled water, empty spray bottle, plastic sandwich bags and rubber bands.

  • Make certain that you have other light source at home as you can’t clean chandeliers with the power on. It is much preferred to clean chandeliers at daytime.
  • Unplug any power supply before cleaning and allow the bulbs to cool down. You can also use a masking tape over the switch to make sure no one can turn it on accidentally while you’re cleaning.
  • Cover the chandelier bulbs with a plastic sandwich bag and secure it with rubber bands. Make sure that the plastic bag you are using is dry.
  • Place a rubber mat or an old cloth below the chandelier to protect the floorings as cleaning solution may drip on the floor while cleaning.
  • Make a cleaning solution. Mix 1 part of isopropyl alcohol in 3 parts of distilled water and stir. Pour in the cleaning solution into your empty bottle spray and shake. You can also purchase a commercial cleaning solution for crystal chandeliers to be placed inside your bottle spray.
  • Spray the crystal chandelier with your cleanser. Skip any wires or electrical components.
  • Use a drip cleaning method by allowing the crystal chandelier to drip dry. This means that you allow the cleaning solution to drip until it has dried out. If drip dry method doesn’t work, you can remove each crystal and wash it piece by piece with a cloth and a cleaning solution.
  • After making sure that the chandeliers has dried already, you can remove sandwich bag from the bulb and carefully wipe other parts of the chandelier with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Allow the chandelier to dry overnight before turning it on.
    For stubborn stain or dirt particles, you can seek help to professional chandelier cleaners. You can also use ammonia mix with water in cleaning crystal chandelier. However, keep in mind that ammonia only works best on crystals and not on other parts of the chandelier (especially metals).

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