How To Clean CV Carburetor

A CV carburetor consists of different parts that have its own role. A machine that has oils inside and needs to be replaced when overused. All motorbikes and motorcycles have carburetors in it and when not properly maintained, the owner needs to clean it in time. If you are a new motorcycle owner and are still unaware on what to do, you need to remove first the carburetor on its manifold. Here are the basic steps in removing the carburetor.

  • The first thing to do is to remove all the necessary parts like cables in your carburetor.
  • Next is to remove the fuel inside. Just be sure that already switch off the fuel cock.
  • Carburetors has two ring clips on each side therefore, you need to remove this using a screwdriver.

Now, you are ready to clean the carburetor. Next steps are for cleaning the carburetor itself. Please take note of the following:

  • There are two screws on the lower portion of your carburetor; you need to open those two screws.
  • If you already opened the two screws, it means to say that the lower carburetor is already open and is ready for cleaning.
  • Clean everything inside the carburetor by using carburetor cleaning liquid or fresh petrol. This is basically the type of cleaner that motorcycle owners use in cleaning their carburetors.
  • Your carburetor is consists of large and small parts so better be careful in cleaning it because you disarranged the smell parts in it.
  • Before detaching everything in your carburetor, make sure that you also know how to assemble it again. This is very important because you might forget on how to put their parts in its original places. Failing to assemble its parts will allow your carburetor not to work.
  • You may use the cable wire in your clutch (unused) or other still wire to clean the two jets of your carburetor.
  • If you cannot do this, you may go to a petrol pump and have the jets undergo pressure gun. This is for safer purposes and will properly clean the jets. Your carburetor has a rubber washer in it; so, make sure not to forget to keep it in its place.
  • Use the same method to reassemble or install back the carburetor into its manifold.
  • Check the screws you unscrew in removing the carburetor from the manifold and make sure that it is on the right places as well.
  • The air filter element should be cleaned or replaced before you tune in your motorcycle.
  • However, if your carburetor is a brand new one, it has its own operator manual that will teach how to clean your carburetor as well.

Carburetors have a very important role on your motorcycle, therefore, you should know how to take care of it. Do not forget these basic steps so you will get familiar with it the next time you will clean your CV carburetor again. Familiarity with the above is highly advised.

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