How To Clean DC Motor

DC motor from the word itself is direct current motor run by batteries or is run by a direct current supply. Schools and their students perform electricity experiments and the like using batteries. These activities at school are made to let the young ones gain the knowledge of why electricity power, direct current, batteries and motors are important to human and earth life.

DC Motors vary in sizes, shapes and styles and designs like clothing to fit their functions. With every gadget and running devices we have at home, at work and everywhere, DC motors are present: mobile or cellular phones, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators and computers.

Please follow these tips on how to maintain your DC motors:

  • Turn off the motor and let it cool down.
  • Disassemble the parts using well-fitted screw drivers.
  • Wash the bearings using solvent. If bearings appear to corrode or have defects, discard them. Attempting to pin them in place will give you more hard work and repairs in the long run.
  • Use blower, vacuum to remove clinging dust and solid particles.
  • Wipe out stubborn dirt using clean cloth.
  • Use a flattened stick to reach the corner or most inner parts of the motor to tick off building mud.
  • Do not splash or pour water on the entire thing.
  • Check the brushes of your motor. If some are bended or if they don’t look good anymore, discard.
  • See the bearings. If black spots already formed on their surfaces, use sand papers to refine them.
  • Look for corrosion. If the rust or damage is not tolerable, repair or replace the affected parts.
  • Put grease on large bearings for lubrication. Small motors do not anymore require lubrication because they are built to have permanent lubricated bearings. Lack of lubrication is also a cause of noise, creaks and rickety sounds when motor is running.
  • Put grease on parts where it is only needed. Too much grease will turn your motor super-hot at work.
  • Check the air passages for clots and particles that blocks the run way. Proper air way and ventilation is needed by the motor to work well.
  • Replace anything that looks visibly soiled.
  • Before proceeding to the final step, double check for any oil, grease and dirt residues and remains in and on the motor parts. Remove them before putting back all the parts in place. Secure everything and screw them back tightly.
  • Turn on the motor: check if the brushes and its commutators are running fine, if the insulation is normal, if the air passage is enough and in good condition, for ruins or metal rust, breakage and any motor defects and abnormalities. Refer to your DC Motor manual for guidelines.
  • Always have spare parts for your DC motor in stock.
  • Schedule a visit to your DC motor service specialist for thorough cleaning, repairs and unseen problems.

Regular personal check ups and manual cleaning is a must to a DC motor. Because it is a running motor, it collects dirt and all during process. Its parts collect unwanted wastes and will cause the motor to deteriorate if not given an immediate attention and oftentimes the reason of motor failure.

VIDEO: How To Clean DC Motor

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