How To Clean Effectively

It has always been a luxury to have a home that is clean, fresh and with a cozy environment. In the internet, you can find tips on how you can clean effectively. But have you ever tried once to ask yourself how you do really clean effectively? Have you tried to follow the tips that you read on the internet? Was it effective?

Here are my cleaning tips that for sure you will keep:

  1. Before you start cleaning, in everything you do planning ahead of time will really make your task lighter and more organized. There are those who are very obsessed with cleanliness. Some wanted to leave no trace of dirt from their furniture or appliances. That is why, planning what to do, what to prepare, and where to start is one big help for you to clean effectively.
  2. Take down notes and shop. That’s the next thing you do. Once you have completely planned out your cleaning plans, buying for the needed materials at hard wares or grocery is one your one big step.
  3. Once you are done buying all the needed stuffs for cleaning you are now ready to clean.
  4. It is much easier if you do clean your house from top to bottom. You start first from the ceiling, walls, furniture, appliances then floors.
  5. Dust your ceiling and walls. You can remove wall decorations and individually clean it.
  6. Once you are done with dusting your ceiling, walls, and wall decorations, you can now proceed to cleaning your furniture. For wood furniture, do not try to wet your furniture with water. Instead use a dry soft cloth to clean it. In that way, you cannot destroy your furniture’s varnish that serves as its protection.
  7. For your appliances, wipe it with dry cloth only. Check too if the appliances are unplugged before you try to clean them.
  8. Next is clean your floor. You can mop, vacuum or scrub it. If your floor is made up of hard wood then you have to apply floor wax. If t is made up with tiles, then you clean from wet to dry manner.
  9. Next is have a break while you wait for the floor to completely dry.
  10. Once the floor has dried already, you can start to do your laundry, wash dishes, changing beddings, and cleaning your bathroom.

The following steps are modifiable. In planning to clean make sure that planning what to do, where to start, and gathering all the necessary tools for cleaning will be your priority. It can make your activity lighter; you can also spend the rest of the day with your family.

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