How to Clean Refrigerator Vents

Please welcome, celebrity culinary instructor and the author of this book, Kitchen Matters, a first timer here, Pamela Salzman (audience cheering) Thank you We’re gonna start with the appliances.

So, I don’t think people necessarily think to clean their refrigerator vents but it’s actually really important because if you let that dust and dirt build up on those vents, you can actually burn out the motor It starts to overheat You can actually close down your refrigerator Totally And it, just like you check the temperature of your oven, or you should, at least once a year hopefully going into the holiday season, you should also check that your refrigerator is staying cold enough.

There could be a lot of issues with it Totally and I actually set– That’s a food safety issue obviously Yeah, and I set my reminder on my phone to clean the vents, like every six months So we have something that’s really easy and actually really fun that I think maybe even your kids could do for you, like that’s a plus Getting kids to clean anything is amazing, but getting them to clean the vents of your fridge? So what we’re gonna do is make some slime.

I know it sounds crazy, to clean with slime but it’s all the rage with kids right now So we’re gonna actually make it from scratch We’re gonna take some glue, so about four ounces of glue Right? and all the kids know how to do this, trust me You don’t even need to write this down They’re all doing it.

Some shaving cream, so a couple of squirts of shaving cream and then we’ve got about four ounces of laundry detergent And we’re gonna– That is so weird I know, right? I said, it’s crazy! It is crazy So we’re gonna stir this together and you have to stir it for a bit but you can start to see it already coming together, right? Right, right, right So as soon as it stops, you know, clinging to the sides you’ve got your slime.

So we’ve got this swap-out here and you take the slime and you just press it into your vent like that and then you lift it off– I wonder if my friend Marc saw this– Tadaa! Look at that! I wonder if Marc Summers knows how to do this You know how he used to slime everybody? Yeah, right? Right, right, right I mean, what kid would not like, I mean seriously they’re gonna be cleaning all the vents Here honey, go slime the kitchen (crowd applauding) Awesome work Come back any time! Thank you! (crowd cheering and applauding).