How to Clean Thrift Store Dolls

Hello girls! Kelsey is Today I’ll show you how to clean my wrists and how you can too.

If you like the video and subscribe give you a taste if you’re new I’ll clean five dolls I bought used and you might recognize them because They are all in my “Thrift Store Haul Doll” Videos These dolls need only a simple cleaning not a doll transformation ( “Custom Doll Makeover transformation”) Number one girl needs her hair cleaned and has marks on his face Girl number two is very messy His face has dirt in it and I do not feel as if the camera was picking up very well, because dirt on your face is very dark in person! Her hair bangs also has dirt on it and overall hair It is very messy and I can say that has never been out of the ponytail.

How to Clean Thrift Store Dolls

Girl number three just need help His hair is slightly curly and has some dirt on his face Girl number four just need a good drink There is a point of dirt on his face and I want to get rid of some of her messy hair I too Girl number five needs more help for hair.

She has a problem of glue that is making your hair feels very greasy It’s my least favorite problem to treat hair, but otherwise is not so bad! The cleaning method I’m about to show you can use dirty dolls need a nice upgrade Let’s start! The first step is to comb the hair of dolls This is to get rid of any tangles and generally make it easier just to wash hair I always start by brushing the hair ends first, because this is where the worst mess is.

You do not want to brush your hair very hard it is always better to be gentle because you do not want to pull any hair out Step Two: with warm water, soap and a pad Cotton I am washing the body For soap, you can also use body wash I always like to choose one that has a pleasant smell! You do not have to use a cotton pad, you can use a wash cloth, paper towel, cotton ball.

Be sure to clean the face too, this really makes a big difference Nose number one girl wanted to be a little stubborn I do not know what this green spot is I saw a comment, however, saying that I use acne cream wrist and let in the sun and out, but I have acne cream so you will have to have a green nose for now But I have to try that method in another video and then fix it.

Now I’m cleaning the hair with a some shampoo and then after that, conditioner Sometimes I’ll wash your hair with conditioner, but I feel like using shampoo gives hair a neat bonus After rinsing all, then brush hair and I put them out to dry (Fixing oily hair) Shampoo and conditioner not get rid of fat hair glue I still like clean hair though But to get rid of it, I use my translucent powder makeup.

You can also use baby powder use, body powder or cornstarch I apply where the problem is and brush An extra step that I like to take it spraying with a little dry shampoo I feel like this again adds shine to the hair I’ll be Boil water method girl hair number one and two.

For one, the hair want to try to make your hair stay flat on his face Two hair is rising because it was in a ponytail and washing hair flatten To use Boiling water method, Get a cup, fill it with water and microwave for 2-3 minutes or until you see the water begins to boil Soak the hair for 5-7 seconds, you do not want to leave it too long or hair may fall Boil water method is not required for use on all wrists Especially dolls with oily hair, do not do this to them or problemo glue could worsen.

I’m speaking from experience! Boil water method is good for turning right curly cabelllo, flatten your hair, and you can get rid of serious cases of disorder Like the other dolls, let them dry and while you’re waiting, you find them new clothes! and the transformation is complete! Here it is the before and after! before after Tell me what you think of them in the comments! What is your favorite? They went from drab to fab! I hope you have found this useful video and I hope to inspire you to take care of your wrists! Thank you very much for looking, and as always I’ll see you in my next video! BYE!! 🙂