How To Clean Your Eyes

Eyes are the window to our soul. It helps us see things from different perspectives. Through our eyes we can cry that aids in clearing out dirt and dust that accumulate through it. Because of every lifestyle like putting on eye make up, it makes our eyes prone to dirt and bacteria. It is important to clean the eyes for us to see clear and bright.

These are the ways on how to clean eyes:

  • Prepare the tools needed for cleaning like an eye make up remover, cotton pads, water and a clean towel. Preparing the materials beforehand can save time and effort in cleaning.
  • Put some eye make-up remover on the cotton pad. Do not put too much eye make-up remover because it might irritate your eye or overflow from the cotton ball. Just put a considerable amount.
  • Close your eyes and gently stroke the cotton balls in your eyes. The stroke will be from the top going downward. This will avoid the spreading of make-up to other parts of your eye. Do not go round and round for this will spread the make-up in to the other parts of the eyes.
  • Get another cotton pad and wet it with water. Do the same stroke as you did with the eye make-up remover, gently stroke from the top going downwards. This step will remove loose particles that the make-up remover left.
  • Using a towel, gently tap your eyes or go with direction of stroking again. The towel will dry your eyes and remove excess particles.
  • Often times, removing eye make-up requires this process to be repeated. Some eye make-up penetrates deep through the pores and is hard to remove. If you want to speed up in removing eye make-up, better choose an eye make-up remover that has a high concentration. But take extreme care when using high-concentrated eye make-up remover. Because of their high concentration, they might irritate the eyes when they come in contact. Others burn through the delicate skin just to remove the make-up.
  • Repeat the whole process to the other eye. Take note that when cleaning an eye, do not use the same cotton ball over and over again. If you do it, then the make-up will just keep on coming back. It is important to observe hygiene.

It is important to clean our eyes using mild products to prevent irritation. Avoid using products that contains chemicals and harsh ingredients. Do not use the eyes too long like using the computer because this can strain the eyes and can cause dryness.

VIDEO: How to Clean Eyes

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