How To Clean Your Feet

As we begin our daily activities, we must include cleaning our feet and grooming our toes for it to be pleasant and healthy. Bacteria can lodge onto our feet and toes because of the dirt and dust found on the environment and in our footwear.

Here are the ways on how to clean feet:

  • Prepare the necessary equipments needed for cleaning feet. Get the basin and filled it with water, soap, scrub or brush and towel. Additional accessories include scented oils, nail cutter and pedicure set. Remove any old nail polish using nail polish remover or acetone.
  • Wash the feet with running water. Make sure that each foot is properly washed to remove dirt and sweat. Get the soap and basin with water and make soapy water. Gently pour soapy water into each foot and start scrubbing. Use a foot scrub and gently brush off any dirt in it.
  • Scrub gently until it is thoroughly cleansed. Repeat the procedure in the other foot so that it will also be cleansed. Wash off both feet with running water until all soap residues and removed.
  • To relax tired feet, empty the basin that is filled with soapy water. Get clean water and fill the basin. Pour essential oils into the basin with scents like lavender, rose or some chamomile to soothe feet.
  • Soak the feet for a couple for couple of minutes. Mild soap or scented shampoo can also be added so that calloused feet will be smoothened. Take time to relax while sitting in a chair watching TV, listening to music or reading magazines while the feet are being soaked.
  • After it is done, wash both feet with running water making sure all soap residues are removed. Get the towel and wipe both feet to dry. Wear clean slippers right after the feet are cleansed and dry.
  • Groom the toe nails using the nail cutter and pedicure set. Trim toenails properly and remove cuticles. Apply some nail polish for a more clean and fashionable feet.
  • Apply foot lotion to moisturize feet. Use foot lotion or any hand and body lotion and apply it in both feet.

Clean feet are important to prevent bacteria build up because it will eat dead skin cells and oils found on the feet. This will cause an awful smell. Shoes, sandals and other slippers must always be clean as well the socks to prevent bacterial growth. Wash the feet with soap and water always to remove unwanted dirt and bad odor.

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