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How to fill out a bank check

Considered in the past as a sophisticated way to pay, bank checks They have had to give way to other more comfortable and user-friendly forms of payment.

However, at some point you may have to use one for a gift or pay on a site that only accepts this method. That is why it is important to know how to fill it out and keep your record.

In this step-by-step guide on how to fill out a bank check we explain all the relevant aspects that you should take into account during this procedure:

Look at the check number

Located in the upper right corner, there are a number of digits that identify the check. This is used to tell the bank which one you are using and to keep a record. In case you have to stop a payment (stop payment), you will need to know what the number is.

Sometimes people are concerned about using the same check number more than once. This can happen when you request a new checkbook and you forget where you ended up with the old one.

This situation could cause you to repeat the number, which can be problematic if something happens with the payment.

Place who it is for

In the section that says β€œPay to the order of“Or”Pay to”, Is where you are going to put the name of the recipient of the check, which it can be a person or a company. When they ask you to write it in the name of “cash”, You should bear in mind that anyone can collect it.

It is always good to ask who it is for and spell the name correctly to avoid an awkward situation or a returned check fee. In this sense, avoid using the famous abbreviations so that you save problems for who will withdraw the money.

Save the date

Just to the left of the number is the section that says β€œDate”. That’s where you are going to put the date corresponding to when do you want it to be charged. It can be the same day, a week later, or even several months later.

Post-dating a check is used with someone you know and when you don’t have funds yet. In our experience, many people get the date wrong by not paying attention or by being confused with the American formula: month / day / year.

Write the amount in letters

As easy as it may seem, in this part people tend to get more complicated when filling out a bank check. This section is just below where it says β€œPay to”And you have to write the amount to pay. The basic rule of thumb is that you place it as it sounds. If it is $ 1,250, it would be: “one thousand two hundred fifty”.

Don’t worry about the dash (between 21 to 99), because many banks don’t care if you put it in or not.

When it comes to pennies, you have to use a fraction. That is, if the amount is $ 0.75, it is written as 75/100. We also recommend getting used to placing the β€œand”Before pennies. For example, with the figure $ 3,150.45, you would write β€œthree thousand one hundred fifty and 45/100”.

Put the amount to pay in numbers

On the right side of the section β€œPay to the order ofIs where you are going to put the amount in numbers. It shouldn’t have complications, but remember to use commas and periods well. Commas to separate thousands and a period for decimals or cents.

Since the box has a dollar sign, it does not need to be placed.

Fill in the reminder (optional)

In the lower left corner there is a line called β€œMemo”. This section to remind the person what the bank check is for. The suggestion is that you don’t try to write but rather keep the message clear and simple.

Sometimes the recipient may ask you to place the invoice number or your checking account number.

Sign the bank check

The signature of this security is considered the most important part because without it the recipient will not be able to collect it. Also, not including it makes the check invalid and many sites charge you an additional commission for this circumstance.

In fact, there are many businesses that do not accept checks that are not signed. That is why you have to be vigilant when you are going to give one to someone who is not pending or when you are going to send it by mail. Although it may seem trivial, many people forget to sign.

Keep the record

Finally, it is important to note the amount you paid and the purpose of the check. This way you can follow your expenses in more detail and better manage your personal finances.

Knowing how to fill out a bank check has its subtleties, you must be careful when using this form of payment. That is why at Business Blogwe want you to be aware of not making mistakes due to ignorance and that you manage your personal economy with intelligence.

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