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How to Start Selling Auto Insurance

You do not know how to start selling car insurance? The sale of car insurance It has become one of the most attractive options for many entrepreneurs, thanks to the fact that despite being very profitable, it does not necessarily represent great difficulties to start formally.

Stay to know this list of steps that will help you get started in the market of insurances

How to sell car insurance step by step

Since for a car to be able to travel on the roads it must have a auto policy In a mandatory way, the sale of car insurance means entering a very large market that you can take advantage of, here are the next steps …

1. Get a license to sell insurance

For you to start your career in the selling auto insurance, it is necessary that you have an insurance license for property and accidents, since without this license, you will not be able to legally sell insurance and this is when the following points must be taken into consideration:

  • Know your state’s insurance license requirements: In view of the fact that insurance companies usually follow guidelines from state entities, it is important that you know what the requirements of your state department of insurance in order to know exactly the number of hours of study that the course you need to take should have.
  • Course work before obtaining your license: Find a suitable program to prepare you to take your state’s insurance licensing exam.
  • Pass the exam: Since each state issues its own licensing exam, the minimum score required to pass the exam may vary from state to state.

2. Get appointment for the sale of insurance

This is where you must decide if what you want is work selling insurance either as an insurance agent or as a insurance broker, as these two categories are usually in which those who work in the sale of insurance are usually divided.


If what you are looking for is to work for a specific insurance company, then you can choose the route of being an insurance agent, this is when it is advisable to follow the following tips:

  • Make a good resume: Although there are job vacancies where previous experience is not required in the sale of this type of products or services, it is important that you have a good cover letter and nothing better than starting with a resume where you highlight the most related points for this position of work.
  • Find an insurance sales job: Get a job vacancy where staff is required for the sale of car insurance It would be the next step, the internet is undoubtedly one of the tools that will help you the most in this search.

    A very important point to highlight is that you always remember to investigate the feedback or reviews on those insurers in which you are going to apply.

  • Present yourself formally at the interview: Once you have applied and been summoned for a job interview by an insurance company, it is time to dress formally for the interview and above all do not forget to be punctual.

On the other hand, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to offer insurance from different insurance companies, then being a broker may be the best option for you. If this is your case, then it is follow the following tips:

3. Choose the best insurance companies

It is important that you know which insurance companies you are going to promote their products to, it is recommended that you choose those that have the best reputation.

4. Register your business in your state

If you have decided to start your own insurance company, then it is vitally important that you register your company in your state, which means registering the name of your company, your TIN (Tax Identification Number), defining the legal structure of said company, in short.

5. Insure your own business

As a professional in the sale of insurance, you should already know the importance of having commercial insurance for your company.

6. Get financing if you need it

Every beginning is usually difficult, especially in business, so it is important that you make a budget of how much money you need to be able to start your insurance business, in case you do not have enough funds, it will be necessary for you to find resources either through a loan or an equity partner.

7. Promote your car insurance business

Designing a marketing plan to promote what your insurance company offers is vitally important in order to attract prospects who will eventually become your clients.

This is where it is important that you already have defined what your target audience will be, that is, you should focus on characteristics such as:

  • The ages.
  • Where they live.
  • What do you do.
  • Income level if possible.
  • Sex.

Within your marketing plan for your car insurance products it is important not to forget that placing your business online is essential in these times if you want to start positioning your brand.

That said, it is worth mentioning that having your website and building the social networks of your brand or business are one of the most important steps to follow within your marketing plan.

Hiring good salespeople is also important to follow up either through telemarketing or chat to the prospects that you have captured as leads through your advertising efforts on the internet. This is when you should make sure that the customer service provided by those salespeople you hire is the best.

Pre-lence course to sell car insurance

If you were looking for approved suppliers with which you can make your license course to sell insuranceHere are a few:

Among others.

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