HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) and section 8

We would like to believe that government aid is only as good as its intentions, but theory is not always reflected in practice. In the United States there are many aid programs for people with limited resources, elderly or disabled. Thats why he HUD It is one of those institutions that you should know.

    How did the HUD start?

    Since World War I, the US government has promoted policies to help the disadvantaged to have their own home. The HUD was born from what became known as the Home and Housing Financing Agency, created in 1947. The first would come to be an initiative of former president Lyndon B. Jhonson and founded in 1965 under the Housing and Urban Development Law.

    It is considered as an agency of the executive cabinet that is commanded by a secretary assigned by the president of the republic. This official is approved by a simple majority in the Senate and remains in office until there is a change of administration. HUD’s official headquarters are located in the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building in Washington DC.

      Main functions of the HUD

      Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentThe US Department of Housing and Urban Development is intended to provide housing and community development assistance. Its mission is to make it possible for people to have fair and equal access to a home. To do this, it promotes various programs aimed at reducing homelessness, fighting discrimination in obtaining it, increasing safe and cheap rent, and supporting home ownership.

      Other important functions are:

      • Surveillance of various programs and their regulations. This includes the Community Development Block Grant, which offers aid to communities that agree to use the funds to benefit residents with fewer resources. It also promotes the elimination of marginal neighborhoods and addresses urgent problems derived from natural disasters that may affect the health and well-being of those affected.
      • The application of Section 8. Known as the program Housing Choice Voucher, is designed to assist in the payment of rent to very low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities. Homes must meet safety and health requirements, they do not necessarily have to be in subsidized projects, and local public agencies are in charge of distributing payment coupons.
      • FHA oversight. The Federal Housing Administration (Federal Housing Administration), is also a ward of HUD. This program to get a mortgage was created for those who usually do not have access to financing from traditional banks due to problems such as a score bad credit, poor down payment, bankruptcy or foreclosure history (foreclosure).

        HUD Section 8 Frequently Asked Questions

        We cannot detail the entire application process for rental assistance, but we do have relevant information for your purposes. The bottom line to qualify for this program is to check the median income for the county and be 30, 50, or 80% below it. This will also depend on the number of members in the family, which can be from 1 to 8.

        With this in mind there are other frequently asked questions:

            How can help be used?

            If a family qualifies for the rent payment couponsYou have up to 60 days to get a home. The property can be a townhouse, an apartment, a mobile home or any other property. The only condition is that the landlord or owner approves your participation in this program.

                How are rental subsidies paid?

                At the time of paying this subsidy, the local or government housing authority processes the disbursement directly with the landlord (home). This is done on behalf of the family or person participating in the program. Once this is done, the tenants have to pay the difference of the total rent that is not covered by the aid.

                    Are vouchers used to pay for other things?

                    Actually yes. In some situations you can make use of the coupons to pay a down payment on a home or monthly mortgage payments. They can also be used to avoid an eviction situation (eviction) or to make home repairs.

                        Is there assistance against eviction?

                        Since getting the Section 8 help takes time, you may need support to prevent an eviction situation. To do this, you have the Eviction Prevention Program, through which you receive advice, short-term subsidies and other assistance to stay in your home.

                        The HUD o Department of Housing and Urban Development you have good things and others that could undoubtedly be improved. At Hispanic Business Blog we support these initiatives and any federal agency, as long as they comply with what they are intended for.

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