Is Vacuuming Your Carpet Enough

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Vacuuming your carpet may give you a satisfying sense of completion. You look around your room with the feeling that you have accomplished your task and are entitled to a pat on the back. This is usually true, but when did you last have your carpets thoroughly cleaned? I hate to be the one to remind you, but deep cleaning your carpet is an important part of extending the life of your carpet and maintaining the health of your home.

Cleaning your carpet with your vacuum cleaner is an essential part of maintaining the look of your carpet and keeping dust and debris from becoming embedded in your carpet. However, vacuuming is not always enough. Even if you have a high quality sweeper, sometimes you need to go beyond using your own vacuum cleaner, and find a way to deep clean your carpet.

Not only do you want to remove food, grime, grit, and debris for sanitary reason, but abrasive substances like sand and dirt create unnecessary wear to your carpet. Vacuum cleaners cannot always dislodge all of the dirt.

You have the options of cleaning it yourself or hiring someone professional to do it for you. There are several methods including the use of shampoo, shampoo combined with extraction, foams, bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning and dry compound cleaning. Be sure to evaluate the method used to make sure that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Residue will attract dirt and cause your carpet to get dirty faster than it should.

When vacuuming is not enough, opt for one of the deep cleaning techniques that can lengthen the life of your carpet, protect its color, and keep allergens and germs at bay.

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