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Keeping CDs Clean For Longer Use And Entertainment

Looking for how to clean a dirty and scratched CD?¬†If you have a minute, I’ll share with you my tips for cleaning CDs, both for recovery and recycling.¬†Will you accompany me?

Tips for cleaning CDs to recover or recycle

Do you need to know how to clean dirty CDs?¬†Well, often when a compact disc is dirty, it gets scratched easily.¬†For this reason, it is very important that you know how to clean it.¬†Keep in mind that the same procedure will work for you if you are looking to clean a scratched DVD.¬†Go get your dirty or scratched CDs and DVDs and get to work.¬†I’ll tell you how to get them back!

How to clean a dirty CD

Often, your favorite CDs, the ones you use the most, are precisely the ones that get the most dirt and scratches. When that happens, they jump out and no longer work well. Not to despair! Perhaps they are not lost and you can recover them, if you can find something to clean a scratched CD . Accompany me!

With toothpaste

In principle, I will tell you how to clean a scratched CD with toothpaste. It is very simple!

  • Apply a little toothpaste on the CD¬†that you want to clean and recover.¬†Spread evenly over the entire surface with the help of a finger.
  • Next,¬†rinse with lukewarm water¬†, making sure to remove all of the toothpaste.
  • Lastly,¬†dry very well with a¬†clean, dry¬†cloth¬†.

If the CD is not very scratched, it is very likely that you can recover it so that it no longer jumps, or sticks and can be read normally.

With alcohol

Do you know¬†how to clean a scratched CD with alcohol¬†?¬†This is often the most widely used solution.¬†However, if you don’t know how to do it, not only will you not be able to clean it, but you will likely scratch it even more.

  • Place the¬†scratched¬†CD¬†you need to clean¬†on a firm surface¬†.
  • Put rubbing alcohol on a¬†clean, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Apply on the CD¬†, rubbing over the scratches in a radial motion, from the center to the periphery.
  • Rinse the CD¬†with lukewarm water to remove all alcohol and let it dry very well before using again.

Avoid circular movements, as these types of movements can cause more scratches on your CD.

With banana

Yes! Often the solution is in the kitchen. The next time you eat a banana, reserve the peel. Why? Well, because it can be an excellent alternative to clean your scratched CDs. I will tell you how to clean a cd with a banana.

  • Cut a banana¬†and go over the scratches on your CD.
  • Then¬†rub the CD with the inside of the¬†banana¬†peel¬†.
  • Wipe¬†the surface of the CD¬†with a¬†soft¬†cloth¬†.
  • Remove¬†the banana remains¬†with¬†warm¬†water¬†and let it dry.

With wax

Finally, you can use different types of waxes to fill the scratches, in order to be able to read the CD and recover the data. To do this, you can use petroleum jelly, car wax, lip balm, furniture polish, or shoe polish. Keep in mind that this is only a last resort, when all other strategies have failed.

How to repair a scratched CD

Now, to repair a scratched CD, follow this step by step:

  • Clean the CD with a soft cloth¬†, the kind used to clean glasses.¬†You can moisten it a little with water or alcohol.¬†Work from the center to the edges very carefully.
  • Check the player if the problem is fixed.¬†Otherwise, continue with the next step.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the scratched CD¬†and remove it with a soft cloth.¬†If it’s your lucky day, maybe the Vaseline will fill in the scratches and I’ll fix the jump.¬†If not, you can still try other alternatives.
  • Try car wax or a metal polish.¬†Proceed as in the previous case, applying it carefully and removing it with a soft and clean cloth.

If none of this works, you will only have to recycle it. 

How to clean a CD to make it transparent

Sometimes it is impossible to recover the CD. However, you may be interested in knowing how to clean a CD to make it transparent. In this way, you can recycle it and make beautiful crafts with it. 
Do you like the idea?¬†Well then, let’s get to work!

  • Take your¬†unrecoverable¬†CD¬†from the side with the silver paint on it.
  • Cut a piece of masking tape¬†and stick very well on the surface of the CD.
  • Remove the tape in one go.¬†You will see how it drags the paint with it.
  • Repeat the procedure¬†until the CD is completely clean.

You already have your CD ready to recycle!

How to recycle a scratched CD

Here are many fun ideas to recycle your damaged CDs that cannot be fixed anymore. Enjoy them!

How to clean CDs at home

It is very important to keep your CDs clean. Dust particles can cause your CDs to stop working. There are other factors that prevent CDs from working, such as scratches and other types of damage. Before learning about cleaning procedures, it is important to first determine the reasons why your CDs have stopped working. A cleaning procedure is no longer necessary if your CD stops working due to scratches. There are safe methods for cleaning CDs. It only takes a willingness and a little time to keep your CDs dust-free and working.
You will need a microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol, and a CD. Here are a few steps for cleaning your CDs:

Keeping CDs Clean For Longer Use And Entertainment

The first step is to make sure that the CD is still functioning. To check for scratches on the CD, insert your index finger into the center hole and hold the CD vertically. Examine it to see if it is dirty or scratched. Try playing it on the CD player. If it still works, cleaning is necessary, but if it no longer works, the CD is already damaged. If the CD is damaged, stop cleaning it.

Microfiber cloth

It is important to use a microfiber cloth to wipe your CDs. A good example of a microfiber cloth is one used to cover eyeglass lenses or camera lenses.
Wipe the CD in a circular motion from the center toward the edges.
After making sure that the dust particles are completely removed, prepare a cleaning solution.
Take at least 50 ml of isopropyl alcohol and 50 ml of distilled water. (The amount depends on the number of CDs you want to clean. Use your own initiative when doing this).
Take a soft cotton cloth and soak it in the alcohol solution. Gently wipe the CDs from the inside out (center to edge).
Use another dry microfiber cloth and wipe the CD dry to protect it. You can also leave the CD for a few minutes to dry. Be sure to keep them away from children, as they may play with the CDs.
After the CDs are dry, put them back in their places. There are a variety of CD cases on the market. It is best to buy one because it can prevent dust from accumulating on the CDs.
You can also use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean your CDs. Just mix it with water and follow the same steps as above. Avoid using harsh chemicals, especially those that contain ammonia. This can cause permanent damage to your CDs. Use an organic cleaning solution.

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