Keeping CDs Clean For Longer Use And Entertainment

How to Clean CDs at Home

Keeping your CD clean is very important. Dust particles may be the reason why your CDs don’t work anymore. There are also other factors that prevent your CDs from working like scratches and other forms of damages. Before knowing the cleaning procedures, it is important to determine first the causes why your CDs don’t work anymore. Cleaning procedure is not anymore necessary if your CD is not working anymore due to scratch. There are safe methods in cleaning CDs. It only takes willingness and little time to keep your CD dust free and become functional.
The things that you will need are microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol and CD. Here are the few steps in cleaning CDs:

  • First thing to note is to make certain that the CD is still functional. If you want to check if the CD has scratch marks, insert your forefinger into the center hole and hold the CD upright. Observe if it has dirt or marks. Try to play it on your CD player. If it still works, then cleaning is still necessary but if it doesn’t work anymore, then the CD is already damage. With damage CD, cleaning should be halt.

Microfiber cloth

  • It is important to use a microfiber cloth in wiping CDs. A good example for microfiber cloth is a cloth use to cover eyeglasses or camera lens.
  • Wipe the CD starting from the center going to the edges in circular motion.
  • After making sure that dust particles is totally removed, start making your cleaning solution.
  • Get your isopropyl alcohol at least 50ml of alcohol and 50ml of distilled water. (The amount depends on the number of CDs you want to clean. Use your initiative with this.)
  • Get your soft cotton cloth and dampen it into your alcohol solution. Carefully wipe the CDs from inner to outer portion (center to edge).
  • Use another dry microfiber cloth and wipe the CD to keep it dry. You can also leave the CD for several minutes to dry. Make sure to keep it away from children as they might play with your CDs.
  • After CDs have dried, place it on its proper place. There are several CD cases available in the market. It is best to purchase one as this can prevent CDs from acquiring dust.
  • You can also use mild dish detergent in cleaning CD. Simply add it with water and apply same steps as above. Avoid using harsh chemicals especially those that contain ammonia. This may permanently damage your CDs. Use an organic cleaning solution.

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