KN Motorcycle Air Filters How To Clean

The K&N air filters are high performance filters for motorcycles, cars and many more. They can be washed and reused again. A clean environment will help lessen the usage of the Air filter or check its condition less often in a non-dusty and wet environment. A dirty and dusty road requires constant checking on the filter.

The list below is the procedure on how to clean the Air Filter:

The first thing to do is prepare and do initial cleaning

  • Prepare all the needed cleaning stuffs like aerosol formula, brush and spray. This will help in saving time and effort in cleaning.
  • Remove the K&N Air Filter. Lightly hit the filter on the ground or another hard surface to eradicate every baggy dust that will easily fall off the filter. To brush off excess dirt, use a soft toothbrush.

Next is apply Cleaner

  • Soak the KN Filter using the air filter cleaner soak see to it that both sides are not dirty and it is clean. Spray the aerosol formula and wet both sides. Allow it to penetrate for about 10-15minutes.
  • Only use K&N’s Filter cleaner. Do not use gas
    steam cleaning, hostile cleaning materials, and strong substance, high pressure cleaner, component cleaning solutions because the rubber seals might shrink and harden and cause harm to the filter.
  • Keep spraying using the hose until all the wreckage is completely removed. If there is still dirt spotted allow some time to spray and soak with the solution.

Rinse and Dry Filter

  • Rinse off with the use of a low pressure hose. Constantly cleanse off from the clean side toward the dirty side. This will remove the dirt and will prevent the dirt from going back into the filter. Let the air filter dry for about 24hours.

And lastly, Oil Filter

  • Apply some filter oil to completely remove the dirt. Used the basic stroke when applying the filter oil. See to it that both sides are clean and reinstall the KN Filter back.

With the few easy tips mentioned above your KN Air filter is good to go. But there are some warning tips to be remembered. Do not let the solution dry on the filter for a long time. The total time use for the solution is just a few minutes. Make sure to test out the KN air filter well and remember to use only KN products. It is more easy and safe to follow all the procedures mentioned especially if KN air filters has manufacturer’s instructions so that cleaning is hassle free.

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