Lipstick Stain Removal

Lipstick stains on fabric

In order to remove lipstick stains from garments, it is sprayed with a hair spray and wiped it a cloth after a few minutes. This helps remove the stain. Another method that can serve to remove lipstick stains is the use of white toothpaste. It is rubbed on the stain with ones fingers and is rinsed using cool water.

Yet another method that can be employed to remove lipstick stains is the use of Vaseline. Half a teaspoon Vaseline, alternately known as petroleum jelly, is rubbed on a lipstick stain and is allowed to set for about a minute. Liquid detergent is then applied and allowed to set for a while. It is washed with water with a temperature as high as the material can withstand. The garment should not be dried in the dryer until the stain completely disappears.

Removing lipstick stains from silk is relatively easy. If a piece of scotch tape is placed on the affected area and then removed with a jerk, it removes the lipstick along with it. If the lipstick stain continues to be visible, a small amount of talcum powder is put on it. As the powder is shaken off, the stain is also removed. This process may be repeated a number of times to eliminate the spot completely. A commercial product for removing lipstick stains is a stain stick. It is kept applied for several minutes and then washed off.

Using chemicals to remove lipstick stains

Quite an effective method of removing lipstick stains is the use of rubbing alcohol. A terry cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol is used to wipe the stained area. Ammonia can also be employed to eliminate lipstick stains. After blotting the maximum amount of lipstick from the stain, ammonia is applied onto it. The garment is then hand washed with warm water and soap.

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