Maintaining Clean And Shiny Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in various designs and colors. It is widely used because of its durability as floor covering. Regardless of its feature, the general rule is to maintain clean and shiny ceramic tiles. Cleaning tiles is not that hard to achieve. It only needs regular cleaning and adequate knowledge to maintain its lustrous appearance. Cleaning a fresh stain is easy to get rid of. Wiping it immediately will help make your work easier. However, dealing an old stain is a bit more challenging. The good thing is that ceramic tiles maintenance is inexpensive and the cleaning materials are easy to obtain.
The things that you will need are knee supporter, broom, brush, water, oxygen bleach and fan. Here are the steps in cleaning ceramic tiles:

  • Gather the needed materials. Put on your rubber gloves especially if you’re using a strong cleaning solution.
  • Brush off any dust particles with the use of a broom or vacuum. It is important to remove dust as this interfere the cleaning process.
  • Get your knee supporter or you can simply use a soft cloth to support your knees while doing the scrubbing.
  • You need to purchase oxygen bleach as this is a safe cleaning solution and it can restore the glossy appearance of your ceramic tiles. If you want to save money, you can simply make a soapy solution by mixing warm water and liquid soap in a bucket of water.
  • Get your oxygen bleach and pour it into your bucket. Fill in with water and stir properly.
    In cleaning small areas, you can place your cleaning solution in an empty spray bottle and spray the soiled areas.
  • But for large areas, use a cotton cloth and dip it into your bucket with your bleach solution. Squeeze excess water and wipe it into your ceramic tiles.
  • Leave the bleach solution on the floor for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Use your brush and start scrubbing the soiled areas. You can also use a sponge. Pay particular attention to stained tiles. Make sure to remove dirt or debris present.
  • Get an old towel and wipe off the floor using warm water.
  • Keep the floor dry by wiping it again with another dry cloth. You can turn on your fan to facilitate quick drying. You can also open your windows and door to remove the smell from your cleaning solution.

Avoid using cleaning solution with ammonia content. This solution can harm your health and leaves bad smell to your ceramic tiles. This is also dangerous once inhaled. Using chlorine bleach is also not ideal in cleaning ceramic tiles as this can discolor the coat of the tiles.

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