Top 10 Tips To Make Money Online

Are you currently jobless, a stay-home mum, or you just want to make extra cash the easy way? Thanks to the internet, did you know it is now very possible to make money online from the comfort of your home and its easier than ever before?

Ten Tips To Make Money Online

Here is a rundown of some of the best and top 10 tips to make money online.

Become a virtual assistant

Many businesses are looking for full-time assistants to take care of those small tasks, like booking travel tickets, dealing and interacting with clients, reception and phone answering service etc, but a number of them cannot afford one. However, thanks to the internet, they can now get in touch with part-time assistants to work for them at a very much lower cost. If you have been jobless for a long time, this might actually be one perfect opportunity to make a consistent flow of income from home.

Online tutoring

If you have always wanted to be a teacher, demand for distance tutoring is steadily rising and you can turn that dream you have always had into a financial reality. Thousands of students are looking for online tutors and you could just be one of them. The best part, apart from pursuing your passion, at the end of the day is that you will have the freedom to manage your own business, hours and income.


Blogging has and will always be a great way to share your passions with millions of internet users across the globe. However, did you know it can also earn you some extra cash? A blog can in many ways lets you be creative. Writing fresh content or producing videos that will keep visitors coming back for more, subsequently, keeping your page on top of major search engines. Your blog can also give you more and more space for affiliate programs and other great online streams of revenue. If you have some blogging skills, you clearly need to put them into good use.

Writing E-Books

If you are a very talented writer in a particular field or area, you can effectively utilise that talent by writing and you sell your work online. The best part, it is a refreshing way to pass your knowledge onto other people and you earn money in return. So start thinking of writing about something you are skilled at and you start earning money. Whether you are an authoritarian or an excellent writer in your field, publishing e-books is an amazing opportunity for making extra money online.

Start selling on eBay

If you have things around your home that you no longer need, you can actually sell on eBay for some quick cash. Over the last few years, eBay has turned into a global marketplace that has given millions of canny traders a place to buy and sell their way into some crazy profits. In other cases; if you can make things that people will want to buy, you can start your own home-based craft business, and you can sell your handmade work to thousands of people across the world.

Sell affiliate products

If you possess a flair for sales copy, you could possibly try your hand at selling an array of products for affiliates. Although, many people prefer doing it the easy way like selling diet pills and other fast selling products, if you want to keep your conscience quite clear, you can check out Amazon. This global giant runs some terrific affiliate programs that allow you to make extra dollars if you advertise any of their products.

Online reporting

Millions of people across the globe are dying to know what is going on around them and in the world at large, but the days of printed newspapers are long gone. If you want to have a consistent flow of income, a site like list a number of online new reporting jobs on daily basis that allows you to telecommute from the comfort of your home as you make your money the easy way.


Each and every one of us has at least one skill or talent that comes with a market value. In the past, that skill you have was nearly impossible to monetize, but thanks to the coming in of the internet, currently, there are numerous sites such as Elance, 99Desigsn, and Freelancer among others that allow people to hire out their skills as coders, designers and writers. So with that writing or coding talent and a little bit of handwork, you actually could find yourself earning an awesome amount of money from them. Do not sit on that skill or talent and start leasing it out. Depending on your skills and the type of project, the pay can vary from a few dollars to several hundreds dollars. Freelancing, for sure, can be one great source of pocket money.

Set up an online forum

If you wish to make easy money even when you are sleeping, this is what you should be going for. Currently, it is an online revenue stream that comes without so much effort and work. For example, when you set up a forum, it will require you to moderate for a short length of time, but the ad on there will earn you extra money all the time and on daily basis.

Drop shipping

Wrapping our list of top 10 tips to make money online has to be this, drop shipping. Although, it is a very risky venture and takes time and money, the kind of profits you can reap when all goes well is mind blowing. With some kind of upfront investment, you buy your products from online wholesalers and you start selling them to online customers. The products are then sent to your customers by the merchants and you keep the difference between the wholesale cost and your sale price.

Bottom line; if you have a computer and internet connection and you always sit there wondering where the next dollar for a bottle of beer will come from, you clearly need to put your act together and start learning some of these ways of making money online. The above are just some of them; there are other great ways that you could easily learn. Lacking pocket money in these modern days is simply inexcusable.

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