Mold From A House Crawl Space How To Clean

Mold belongs to fungus family. They are commonly present in left over foods like bread, cheese, peaches and many more. Furthermore, they love to dwell in a wet environment especially away from the sun’s heat where they tend to replicate and create small spores. Mold can cause health risk especially if ignored. They can cause various skin problems and might trigger allergic reactions like nasal allergy from dust mold or even rashes. These fungi are capable of reproducing anywhere especially at home. They are also capable of growing in your house crawl space. Thus, proper cleaning should be taken action as this may harm the health of a family member.

Upon cleaning mold, you will need several things with high consideration on body substance isolation equipments like gloves, eye goggles, and mask. Other things will also include like small container, soap or liquid soap, brush or sponge, bleach or vinegar and a cloth. Below are the step by step instructions.

  • Set your body substance isolation gears. Wear your rubber gloves, mask and eye goggle accordingly. If you have disposable clothes, you can also wear them. If not, you can also wear old clothes that you won’t mind throwing it after cleaning mold. These are safety methods to prevent mold from invading your body.
  • Get your container and carefully pour hot water inside halfway. Add liquid soap onto the container and stir properly. Read the ingredients of the detergent or soap that you are using. Avoid those that have ammonia in it as ammonia is not to be combined with bleach.
  • Scrub the contaminated surface using a firm brush or a cloth. Brush is more effective in removing mold. With the use of a sponge, suck excess water and wipe thoroughly using a mop.
  • Get another container use for mixing another solution. Pour at least 4 cups of water into the container and add ½ cup of bleach. Mix the solutions properly. White vinegar is also acceptable in lieu of bleach powder.
  • This time, you will use a cloth dipped into your new mixed solution (water and bleach) and scrub the crawl space again.
  • Wash the area with water and let it dry by wiping it with a clean cloth or using a vacuum dry.
  • Dispose your protective gears (mask and gloves) and remove your clothes before walking around the house. You might contaminate other members of the family. Be very careful and take a bath (if necessary) after cleaning mold.

Remember that mold’s ideal places are dark, dirty and wet areas. Regular cleaning should be done. Molds are potentially harmful especially to children. Refrain from placing wet things in your crawl space. Always clean your crawl space and wipe any spill immediately. You can also prevent mold growth by keeping the doors wide open allowing air to enter so as to keep the area dry.

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