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How much to charge for cleaning houses

When you want to know how much to charge for cleaning houses you realize that the prices are very variable, either according to the tasks you will perform and agreed with your client or to the area where you will work.

However, beyond that area and the estimated prices, it is essential that you are sure of the amount of work you agree to do.

Estimate How much to charge for cleaning homes according to work

You need to evaluate how much you charge for cleaning houses depending on the work to be done because cleaning a small house is not the same as cleaning a mansion or an office.

So start by finding out the size of the place, for example, if it is a large house or a mansion you should know the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms because even if it is a medium sized house can have more than one bathroom.

It is also important that you agree on how often you will apply for the start of the house since you can plan a daily, weekly or every few months cleaning and the price you will charge will not be the same.

At the same time, it is also important to be informed about the number of people who live in the house and whether its inhabitants are ordered or disordered, because if every time you enter the house to start your work, you find clothes outside the closet, toys scattered anywhere in the house or the ground grated or very dirty, your day’s work will begin in a chaotic way if you do not know in advance.

For this reason, it is also essential that you inform yourself if your client has one or more pets.

As for the floors of the house, because they may be different, think that you will need to have a variety of cleaners and techniques, which will make your cleaning task become more complex, find out.

Consider the need for window cleaning and all types of glass inside the house, as it will often cost extra.

Estimate How much to charge for house cleaning

To make a good estimate of how much to charge for cleaning houses without losing money and without thinking about prices too high not to lose potential customers, the best thing is that you find out what they are charging in your area for a cleaning service by talking to the housewives friends, as many of them probably hired a cleaning company during the last time and you can estimate your cost accordingly and of course according to your experience.

For example, in areas with a high population density, it is estimated that the cost of cleaning a house or an apartment of a medium size will be US$100.

If you have created a cleaning company and therefore hire staff within the same large metropolitan area, the cost is $175.

But if you work in a smaller county and you’re working as a janitor and you haven’t set up a business, then the cost of cleaning a medium-size house is $76.

Learn how to negotiate:

You will have to negotiate with your clients the price for cleaning their house and find the most reasonable cost according to your experience and the client’s demand.

Then show him that the amount of work you will do is commensurate with the price you have indicated.

But in turn, you should think about whether that price you have stipulated is the one that your client is willing to pay you.

If you are just starting out thinking that it’s convenient for your prices to be lower than your competitor’s, because of this way and if you do a good job, the first customers will recommend you, you will gain more customers and over time you can increase the price of your services.

However, if you focus on Houston’s cleaning service, the average price is between $75 and $250, but if you include carpet cleaning in your job you should consider an extra $160, while for window cleaning you should estimate a cost of between $300 and $400 and if it’s a house with a patio, you’ll estimate between $200 and $600.

It is also important that within the Houston area you should add 24% more if you compare the prices with the rest of the national terrarium with reference to the cleaning service.


Also, depending on whether you are promoting yourself or advertising your cleaning company, you should consider promotional discounts for your customers.

 For example, when they hire your services to be executed on a regular basis, either every week or every few months.

On the other hand, if you offer your services as an individual, you should also think that you will receive a cheaper value than the one usually charged by a company dedicated to providing cleaning services.


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