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Ways to open the doors of a car for lost keys

You need to know how to open a car, because you get to your car and suddenly realize that you do not have the keys with you, you look inside the car and you see them there, you despair and you wonder, and now as I do! I need to open my car and I don’t have the keys, and you think… well, I do, this car is mine and I forgot the keys inside it, I’m seeing the keys but I can’t get to them, how do I do it? Who can help me, it’s an emergency!

Another common situation is that day when you went out with friends for a drink, you say goodbye to them because everyone has their own car and you go to yours and when you are in front of the door, you look for the keys in your pants pocket or in the bag, you despair because you know that in one of those places must be but … no! washes are not, then if the keys are not in the pants pocket or in the bag means that you have lost the keys of the car and you need to open the door and return home.

Right now you have the same desperation and ask who can help me…how do you open a car door if I have just lost my keys? Then you can solve this question with the following tricks.

Tricks to know how to open a car

Tests with the following tricks that are tested to know how to open a car:

If you are wearing your tennis shoes, remove the cord and tie a knot in the center.

Insert the cord with the loop through the window glass weatherstrip and try to attach the codon loop to the door latch.

Once you get it hooked, lift the cord and at the same time you will have lifted the door latch and obviously open it and you will be able to get into your car and take the keys you left behind inside it.

Surely in your car you keep a screwdriver, because if you do not have a similar tool, because you will need a screwdriver and a steel bar, so two tools are enough to open the door of your car.

Carefully insert the steel bar into the slit in the door and at the same time take the screwdriver and insert it into the lock to turn it as if it were the key to the car. With both efforts you can open the car door even if you don’t have the key.

With peace of mind take your debit or credit card and make it slide through the crack of the door, with much patience to slide it several times you will get the door to open.
As a fourth trick you will need a tennis ball, so if you are not a sportsman and often forget the keys it is advisable to carry in your car a tennis ball because in these circumstances you will need it.

As you will also carry a screwdriver in your car, you will take the screwdriver and make a hole in the tennis ball.

Then place the tennis ball over the car lock but in such a way that the hole in the ball exactly matches the top of the lock hole.

This way you will be exerting enough pressure to unlock the car lock and open it instantly.

Have the trunk of your car a clothes peg for these circumstances in which you urgently need to open the door of the car because you asked for the keys,

Remove the wire hook from the clothes clip and untangle it to make another type of hook that you can enter through the window seal.

Holding the hook with a cord or thread you will shake it until it reaches the lock, lift it and the car door will open.

Tips to know how to open a car without a key

Besides the 5 tricks to know how to open a car you just read, it still has more possibilities, tips or more tricks like the ones you are about to read:

You need a metal hanger that you will use instead of the hook that you removed from the clothespin. In this case you will give that metal hanger a hook shape so that when you insert it through the window weatherstrip you can lift the car’s lock.
While this is not as fast and efficient a tip as the previous one, you can also try an inflatable bag.

Insert the bag through the door seal and start inflating. When you start to inflate the bag, it will exert pressure so that the car door opens on its own. Be patient and very careful so that the bag doesn’t break or slide while you inflate it.

The options for opening a car without keys are very varied and all of them are suitable for you as a man or you as a woman.

However, although all tricks are very easy, it is always best to go to a professional, since a locksmith is the right person to do this job professionally and gives you the security that will open your car without damaging it.

But as it is not always possible to go to a locksmith the tricks you just read have been tested by people like you often lose their car keys or forget them inside.

Tricks to learn how to open an electric car

As tips on how to open an electric car, try the following:

For this first trick you need a fork, so between the tools you store in the trunk place a fork.

Every fork has four points or teeth, because it cuts the two teeth of the ends so that only two central teeth remain.

Flatten the teeth with a hammer or a blunt object without breaking the teeth.

Take the fork and insert the two flattened fork teeth into the car door lock.

Turn the fork as if it were a wash and you will see that the car door opens without the original keys.

For this second trick you will need a wire, look for a resistant wire in the trunk of the car and if you don’t see it straighten it and make it as straight as possible but make a double wedge at the end.

Insert the wire from above the roof to the car door and close it to the window.

Firmly but carefully try to lower the glass from the window, then you only have to insert your hand through the window to open the car from the inside.

Tips to learn how to open an automatic car without keys

To open an automatic car without washes you can follow these successful tricks:

You will need a metal spatula. Simply insert the spatula between the door and the frame and push the spatula until you realize that you have lifted the lock and you have opened the door of the cart without keys.
For the second trick you will need a rigid wire. Stretch the wire and insert it into the cart until it reaches the lock button and press it with the wire.

If at that time you do not have a wire you can use an umbrella rod or a wire basket, because any type of wire as long as it is long and rigid will serve you.


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