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Permits and licenses to open a catering and banquet business

You can think of opening catering and banquet business operating it in a rented or purchased physical space and also thinking about operating the business in your home, right?

The truth is that in any of these cases you will always need to comply with the regulations required by law in terms of permits and licenses, so you must know them before opening the business.

What are the licenses to open catering and banquet business

To open catering and banquet business you need to apply for certain licenses that will allow you to operate your business in the kitchen of your home or in a physical place outside your home.

Catering license:

The catering license is the one that allows you to prepare food or drink at a specific licensed location and serve it at another location specified by a customer.

That is, you are a contracted food service provider and take them to a predetermined place where they will be served.

Restoration license:

If it is a licensed public catering service, you can provide your services without the need to obtain a catering license, as food service companies are only required to obtain a catering license if the sole intention is to supply food to customers.

Sharing a licensed kitchen:

You can also share a licensed kitchen, but as a supplier you must obtain a own license and meet the same requirements as that kitchen, provided it is approved by the agriculture and consumer services department.

To obtain the restoration license you must approve the complete review by the health department if applicable or by the department of agriculture and consumer services in addition to paying the license fee.

You must also schedule and approve inspection of the license.

  • In the case that you share a licensed kitchen you will not need to review, but as it is two businesses you will need a separate license.
  • You will need the existing operator license number and verify the status of the license.

Save the license number because you will need it for approval of the license and once ready you must complete the HR7007 application, then mail it along with the corresponding fees.

Purchase of a business with licensed kitchen:

You can also choose to purchase a licensed kitchen, in which case it will not require a revision as long as the kitchen is licensed and you do not make any changes.

But you will need to obtain the kitchen operator license and verify that it is licensed.

Save the license number because you will need it to apply and once ready you will also complete the HR7007 application and mail it along with the fees.

Construction of a new kitchen or refurbishment:

If you purchase a new kitchen or remodel, you will need to review whether the physical space was never authorized or kept closed for more than a year or remodeled.

For the review, you will need to submit certain documents such as the approved water and sewerage connection test and once completed, complete the HR7007 application and email it to us.

To apply, you must send a cover letter with the application explaining your situation in as much detail as possible.

Please note that all food service licenses have a 7-digit license, so before you make an agreement to share a license check it online.

Even make sure that the address of the location of the request matches the location of the licensed kitchen

Registration: Please note that the food service license fees are listed on the Meal Service Fees website.

Initial inspection: All new licensees are required to pass a sanitation and safety inspection prior to the opening of the business.

After you meet all requirements and submit your license application and have paid the fees, check with the inspector or program inspector for approval of the review by contacting the inspector or schedule an opening inspection with the inspection department on the inspection website.

Permissions to open catering and banquet business

Permissions for you to be able to open catering and banquet business must be handled at the Food Service Establishment of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and must even be made before applying for a catering establishment license.

Firefighters’ permission to open catering business:

You must receive approval from the fire department before you can obtain a restoration facility license.

To do this, you will complete a form so that you can request an inspection, but keep in mind that if the inspection fails, it is your responsibility to correct any problems the inspector may have encountered.

For installations must comply with all applicable electrical building codes.

As proof of an electrical inspection, have a copy of a statement from the licensed electrician on an official letterhead indicating that the facility complies with all electrical building codes.

It also keeps an updated copy of the occupancy certificate issued by the building department dated within 90 days of application, as a temporary occupancy certificate is not acceptable proof for an electrical inspection.

You will also need commercial certificates that apply to the legal structure of your business, since although they are not required to be submitted in order to process the application, they can be requested to examine them.

If your business operates under a fictitious name, you will need to present a business name certificate at the county clerk’s office when dealing with a sole proprietorship.

If your company functions as a sole proprietor and operates under your own name, you will not need to present the commercial certificate.

If you hire employees and the structure of your business is personal, you must provide the employer’s identification number.

Please note that a sole proprietorship is a commercial entity without separate legal existence from you as an owner. There is only one owner who does business under his own name or under a trade name.

In short, if you comply with all the requirements that you have read and manage the corresponding permits and licenses, you will be able to operate legally with your catering business.


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