Personal loans in Miami and urgent credits online

The city of Miami It is often a tourist destination envied by many, but it also represents an important economic center of the United States. Are you interested in knowing where you can get a personal loan here? We tell you what we know.

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  1. Where to get personal loans in Miami
  2. Requirements to obtain a loan in Miami
  3. How personal loans work in Florida
  4. About the city of Miami

Where to get personal loans in Miami

As a notorious economic center, the city of Miami is not alien to all the forms of financing that are trending in the world.

Options such as personal loans, online mini-credits and payday loans They are used by more than half of the population who need a little extra money to complete their income.

  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Loan amount: between $ 500 and $ 10,000
  • Term: between 3 and 36 months


  • Check Into Cash
  • Loan amount: between $ 50 and $ 1,000
  • Term: between 14 and 30 days


  • Cash Advance
  • Loan amount: between $ 100 and $ 1,500
  • Term: between 1 days and 6 months


  • LendChoice
  • Loan amount: between $ 100 and $ 1,000
  • Term: between 15 and 31 days


  • ExpressCash
  • Loan amount: between $ 100 and $ 50,000
  • Term: between 7 days and 6 months


  • Avant
  • Loan amount: between $ 2,000 and $ 35,000
  • Term: between 24 and 60 months


  • One Park Financial
  • Loan amount: between $ 5,000 and $ 750,000
  • Term: between 3 and 12 months


Whether it’s an emergency, you want to go on vacation, pay a late bill, or make a big purchase, there are many options to choose from.

In this state, as in the rest of the United States, banks, credit unions, savings entities and fast online loan platforms are available to offer you a treatment that suits your economic situation.

Requirements to obtain a loan in Miami

Although there are private lenders that impose their own conditions, most entities and companies that offer these services will require you to:

  • Residence in Florida.
  • Regular income of at least $ 1,000 per month.
  • Social security number or ITIN.
  • Checking or savings account with direct deposit.
  • Telephone number and email (if you apply online, you need to have a telephone number to verify the information).
  • Show valid government-issued photo ID if applying at a loan store (loan store).
  • Proof of checking or income account when applying in-store. Pre-printed checks and debit cards can serve this purpose.

How personal loans work in Florida

Personal loans in MiamiWhen it comes to obtaining money quickly, safely and without many complications, you have 3 main options:

  • Payday loans. A fast microfinance with which you can get up to $ 1,000 using your next pay stub as backup. These express credits have a maximum duration of 31 days and are designed for people who have no credit history or have a bad-regular score.
  • Quick loans. A form of small-amount, unsecured financing that takes even those with poor credit scores into account. With this modality you can get from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 and they give you at least 6 months to 3 years to return it.
  • Personal loans. Unlike the previous alternatives, with this modality you can get amounts ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000. They are usually unsecured loans, they give you between 6 months and 10 years to pay, and the monthly installments have a fixed interest rate.

Comparison table between personal loans, fast loans and payday loans

Payday loans

Quick loans

Personal loans


$ 100 to $ 1,000

$ 1,000 to $ 10,000

$ 5,000 to $ 100,000


14-30 days

6-36 months

6-120 months

Fees and commissions

300% to 750% APR with a 10-15% commission for every $ 100 borrowed

APR from 6.63% to 225% with an opening commission up to 5%

APR from 4.99% to 45% with an opening commission up to 5%

Monthly payments

With the following pay stub

Through fixed fees

Through fixed fees

Legal status

Accepted in 27 states, but restricted in 9

Legal in all

Legal in all





As you can see, options will not be lacking if you live in Miami Or do you plan to move to this metropolis that continues to grow economically.

In our dissemination and education work, the Blog Hispano de Negocios search engine / comparator is a very useful tool for you to review the best valued personal loans and make an informed decision.

And if you live in other cities in Florida and need financing, you can also consult our comparison of personal loans in Florida, which you can obtain in any municipality in the state.

About the city of Miami

Located south of the Florida Peninsula, the city of Miami stands as the 6th most populous in the United States with almost 500 thousand inhabitants.

In addition, its metropolitan area is home to 6.1 million people, which places it as the seventh largest in the country. In this city, a family has an average income of $ 49,500.

This world-famous metropolis is also known for being a leader in industries such as arts, entertainment, media, culture, finance, and international trade.

Its metropolitan area generates about 345 billion dollars, being the 12th GDP of the United States. In addition, it is ranked 7th out of 31 global cities in terms of political commitment, commercial activity, human talent, and informational and cultural exchange.

Called the “Capital of Latin America” In the United States, it brings together a wide variety of nationalities, it is the 3rd richest in the country and the 8th with the highest purchasing power among its inhabitants.

On Av. Brickell, where the greater downtown, there is one of the largest concentrations of international banks, recognized US corporations and more than 1,400 branches of multinationals from Latin countries.

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