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How to find the best phone cards for international calls

If you want to make a long distance call, phone cards are ideal as a prepaid system, because those national or international calls will be cheaper compared to other methods such as those that are assisted by an operator.

For this reason, because you can make a cheap national or international long-distance call, it’s a good idea to know where you can get them so you can take advantage of them to call your family or friends who live in another city within or outside the same U.S. territory.

Where to Get Phone Cards

When you get phone cards, the calls will be cheaper when you need to make a national or international long distance call, because you make a prepayment for the cost of that call according to its time and the balance is discounted as you make more calls of the same type.

In fact, you will not receive any monthly bill and there is no statement, because you only pay for the time of the call and does so in advance, ie with a prepayment.

At you can get calling cards to call anywhere inside and outside the United States.

1. Choose the country you need to call and the site will throw you the cards for that country.

You will see a table of rates so that you can choose your best calling card. You can order it to your liking, for example by card name, by minute, price or by connection fee.

3. When you have decided on a card, click on the image and click on Add to cart.

4. Like any online purchase, the card will have been added to the shopping cart where you can modify, add or remove the amount.

5. At the end, just click on Go to check out and you will have completed your purchase after you have chosen the payment method.

How to Get International Calling Cards

International calling cards work in the same way as national long-distance calling cards, i.e. you purchase calling minutes in advance with a prepaid card.

For this reason, they call international calling cards or prepaid phone cards.

When you buy the card, which costs between $1 and $20, you are paying for a particular amount of calling minutes, because those minutes are related to the cost of the card and the place where you are calling.

But where are they, where can you find them to favor you with a cheap international or national long distance call with a calling card…. For example in:

1. grocery stores.

2. telephone company stores.

3. online.

Tips for Getting the Best Phone Cards

To get the best calling cards to follow these tips:

Look for the cards with the lowest calling rates.

2. Choose cards with no maintenance cost or at least the lowest possible cost, because that’s the fee you’ll pay for owning the card.

3. Pay attention to their expiration date in order to check that within that period you will use all the minutes because if you do not use them you will lose them.

How to Get Prepaid Phone Cards

1. Prepaid phone cards are the ones you can get to make long distance calls through a flat rate.

2. When you buy this type of card you get a certain amount of minutes to call a particular place.

3. When using the card you call a local or toll-free number which is the access number and you must indicate your personal identification number which is found on the same card you purchased and of course you will indicate the telephone number you want to communicate with.

4. You will be attended by an automated voice that will tell you the time remaining on your card.

How to open a calling card business to sell

If you intend to open a calling card business to sell, it’s a good idea because it’s booming, but you should know some fundamental steps to start your business, for example:

You need a server to install the calling card platform and dedicated hosting, i.e. a dedicated hosting that differs from the shared hosting because you don’t share it with anyone and therefore you have a wide control of the servers and on the other hand you reduce the overhead and increase the return on investment.

Even the platform requires backup by a 24 x 7 power supply, i.e. every day of the year.

2. You also need a computer with an internet connection with a bandwidth that allows you to devote yourself exclusively to the administration of the card platform through a web interface.

3. You need an internet connection that is stable, ie that does not suffer any kind of system crash, because it is essential when it comes to a VoIP business and even think of two internet providers, you will use one of them as backup of the possible crash, because it would be much better especially if you put them in a joint location to ensure you a stable internet connection.

4. You need a softswitch, a card platform with integrated billing, which is a high performance to ensure you a good business performance.

In addition, it must be based on PIN and without the PIN, since in the version that is not based on PIN, the platform will have recourse to ANI authorization.

5. Then you will have to choose the destination providers, the international routes and the long distance providers who will provide you with the routes and minutes and even after they provide you with the routes you must check their quality.

6. Once you have obtained the software and hardware it is necessary to build a website to clearly display the card rates for the destinations, because on the website the user must know the rates, points of sale and means of payment as minimum information.

7. As the business owner, it is up to you to set the price of the cards, taking into account the price charged by the supplier, the billing method and the price according to a destination.

8. Print the cards with a good design and start promoting your business. Remember that the card must contain the PIN, the access number and the terms and conditions you want.


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