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Progressive Insurance | Mega Discounts!

Why and when to choose one Progressive insurance? Anytime car insurance tailored to your needs and at friendly prices, Progressive Auto Insurance It should be one of your first options. Read on and see why!

Progressive is one of the fastest growing vehicle insurers in the United States, which has stood out not only for covering private and commercial motor vehicles, but also for boats, and recreational cars.

How good is progressive auto insurance?

The Progressive car insurance They are intended for all types of vehicles. Let’s see below why you should choose them:

1. Insurance for ATVs

Are you usually a driver who enjoys Off Road? Because with Progressive you can enjoy your adventure driving safely by purchasing a policy with a discount for your automotive hobby!

The coverage plans for ATVs offered are as follows:

  • Total loss coverage.
  • Coverage for your ATV’s custom accessories or equipment.
  • Coverage of content that you transport in your all-terrain vehicle.

You can purchase your ATV policy discount in the following ways:

  • Passing an all-terrain vehicle course.
  • Have already purchased a policy with Progressive, either for some condiminio, house, boat, car or recreational vehicle.
  • Paying your ATV policy in advance.
  • Having a good driving record and being free from car accidents in the last 36 months.
  • Buy one in advance policy with Progressive Auto Insurance.

2. Insurance for your car for daily use

According to the portal, Premium auto coverage plans with Progressive have an average cost of $ 1,910 annually, for this year 2021.

But here comes the good news:

The bundles of Progressive Insurance They allow you to acquire up to a 12% discount on your auto policy.

But also…..

You can pay up to 31% less than those insured drivers, just by not having traffic tickets.

This gets even more interesting:

If you get into a car accident after the first term of coverage with Progressive and the amount to be paid does not exceed $ 500, you can have the peace of mind that your insurance rate will not increase.

Pretty friendly don’t you think? Well if this is not enough, if you remain faithful to Progressive for a minimum period of 5 years and you get to have a severe car accident, your annual rates still do not increase!

What are the types of coverage that Progressive Auto Insurance offers for cars?

1. Liability coverage

In almost every state in the USA, you are required to have liability coverage. Let’s see how Progressive can help you have peace of mind in the event of a traffic event:

  • Liability for bodily injury: It protects you against the medical expenses that you would have to pay in the event that you injure a third party as a result of a car accident.
  • Liability for property damage: If you were at fault in a car accident, Progressive supports you with the costs of repairing the property of third parties.

2. Comprehensive coverage

Full coverage plan with Progressive for your vehicle against damages that were not caused by a traffic accident such as:

  • Vandalism.
  • Damage caused by animal attack.
  • Natural phenomena.
  • Winshield broken.
  • Damage caused by fire.
  • Antisocial who steal.

3. Collision coverage

Your pocketbook can be greatly affected in the event that your car ends up with very significant damage.

Instead thanks to ProgressiveWith a collision coverage plan, you only have to pay a deductible and let Progressive pay the rest of the repair costs.

Do you usually take a pet in your car?

As an added value, if you were traveling with your pet at the time of the accident, this coverage plan pays the veterinarian’s expenses up to a certain limit.

4. Protect yourself against the uninsured and underinsured

You do not necessarily have to be the culprit of a car accident, but if a third party does not have the necessary insurance to compensate you or in the worst case, they are not even insured, Progressive can vouch for you.

Strong injuries? Loss of income while you were being treated in the hospital because of the accident?

All these damages and losses can be compensated with Progressive, depending on the coverage limit you choose.

5. Medical bills

The injuries that you or your passengers may suffer, regardless of who has responsibility for said accident, can be supported with Progressive, since you can cushion medical expenses based on the limits of the policy you have purchased.

Progressive Spanish phone number

If you have been convinced to purchase your auto policy with Progressive, do not hesitate to make your quote by calling a bilingual agent at 1-800-734-8767 or find one from their website in your area.

Frequent questions:

βœ…What does full coverage Progressive insurance cover?

The Progressive Comprehensive coverage plan, protect your car against theft, fire, natural disasters, damage caused by animals, damage to your car glass and vandalism.

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