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¿How much does a project Manager earn?? The salary of a project manager working in Spain It is in a range of 3,333 to 4,000 euros per month for those who have been practicing for 3 to 4 years.

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The project manager profession It is one of the best paid in Spain. Those who have been practicing for 8 years or more can earn salaries of 6,666 euros per month.

But … What about the salary of these professionals in other countries?

Project manager salary in other countries

If you are in the United States, dedicating yourself to this profession is still quite lucrative, since the average salary per year for the project manager in the United States is $ 66,436.

In Latin America this profile continues to be well paid:

For example, after we conducted an exhaustive research on offers for this position, we have found that the salary offered for project manager in Mexico is between 40,000 MXN to 50,000 MXN per month.

What about Colombia?

The average salary for the project manager is 36,923,436 Colombian pesos per year.

How much does a project manager earn in Argentina?

Project managers working in Argentina usually receive an average salary of ARS 98,583,333 per month. It should be noted that the city in which they are practicing also tends to influence the income they receive.

As an example, in the city of Buenos Aires, these professionals can earn up to ARS 2,040,000 per year.

What is a project manager?

The project manager is the professional responsible for the planning, strategy, supervision and management of the project, in order to successfully meet the project objectives.

Digital project managers are those who are in charge of a project from the initial stage to the delivery stage.

What does a digital project manager do?

The digital project manager acts as the head or brain of the digital project.

Given that this professional has to have a global vision of the project and act as the leader of the team members involved in the digital project, the project manager can make the decision of the route that the project can take in the middle of its realization.

The project manager must be aware that the project is not delivered late, helping to reduce costs, optimize the productivity and efficiency of the project actions and that this generates greater profits for the company.

The functions of a project manager are involved in the 5 stages that comprise the realization of a project:

1. Initiation

Project managers must complete the stage of defining the objectives of a project, its purpose and its potential scope.

At this stage they should make presentations and talk about what is expected of the project and request approval to continue with the next stages of the project to be carried out.

2. Planning and strategy

When approval has been received to proceed to the next phase of the project and at this stage the responsibilities of the project manager include:

Regarding the digital marketing plan, which is one of the most important aspects for the project manager, it includes:

3. Execution

The time has come when the project manager assigns the specific tasks that each team member must perform and that they are completed within the established time frames. At this stage, this professional must ensure the following:

4. Monitoring

This stage refers to the fact that as a project leader you must monitor the key indicators to know if everything is going according to the plan to achieve the project’s objectives.

That is, follow-up through performance indicators or metrics to know if it is necessary to take corrections in case the project is not going as expected.

5. Completion

In the final stage, the project manager must check that all the actions and activities necessary for the final delivery of the project have been carried out. In this phase the tasks include:

How to be a project manager?

The essential profile of a project manager is that of a person who has great leadership and management skills, but then let’s see what other characteristics they should have:

Skills of a project manager

Here is a list of the skills you must have:


The project manager is one of the most requested profiles in the digital sector by companies. In essence, it is a professional profile characterized by leadership and team management to carry out a project from start to finish.

Frequent questions:

✅What does the project manager mean?

The project manager is the professional responsible for the planning, strategy, supervision and management of the project, in order to successfully meet the project objectives.

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