Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine fabric stain

If boiling water is poured over a red wine stain from above, the stain completely vanished provided it is a fresh one. If the stained has dried, it should be soaked in white wine, which serves to bleach the red color. It is then covered with a paste of baking soda, and washed after a few hours.

Red wine stains on carpet

The first step involved in removing red wine stains from a carpet is to absorb the excess liquid by means of a paper towel. A cleaning mixture is prepared by adding carpet shampoo in an amount of 1 teaspoon to a cup full of hydrogen peroxide. A sponge is soaked in this mixture, squeezed and then used to absorb the wine stain. The affected region is then sponged with warm water. A paper towel is used to blot the region in order to dry it.

Red wine stains on fiberglass

After blotting away the excess liquid, the stain is sponged with water followed by the application of a wet spotter, which is prepared by adding one volume each of glycerin and detergent to 8 volumes of water. White vinegar is dropped onto the stained area. A pad soaked in wet spotter is used to cover the affected area and is replaced when it gets soiled. When the stain completely disappears, the pad is removed and the treated region is washed with running water.

Precautions to cleaning red wine stains

In case of a red wine stain on silk and wool, the sugar deposit left by the wine should immediately be cleaned before it leads to the formation of a permanent stain. The paper towels employed for blotting purpose should be white because colored ones can result in staining the fabric. Scrubbing the stain can result in setting it deeper into the fabric and should therefore be avoided.

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