Requirements to get a job on a cruise ship

Knowing how to work on a cruise ship is the question of many people, because it is a city in the middle of the sea that crosses several territories, there are several departments on board in which it is possible to find a job, if it is applied to occupy that position and meet the requirements that are requested.

How to work on a cruise ship: requirements

Meeting certain requirements makes it possible to have the dream of discovering how to work on a cruise ship because beyond the cruise agency and the availability of jobs, there are common requirements that candidates must meet.

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The age:

While cruise agencies, for the most part, set a minimum age of 21 years old for working on board, some jobs admit the recruitment of 18,19 or 20-year-olds, as everything depends on the area to be occupied.

In this sense, if the job refers to the casino or food and beverage department, you should know that this sector requires a minimum age of 21 years since gambling and alcoholic beverages are not allowed to minors under 21 years of age.

However, other sectors such as those that deal with shows that may need singers or dancers, admit the hiring of under 21s, since in these cases it is possible to consider the responsibility and maturity of the applicant who may be 18 years old and be hired.

Just as there is a minimum age for working on a cruise ship. there is also a maximum age of 35 for many jobs.

In fact, only a few such as the position of manager, an event planner or a shopping guide and ports can admit a mature age in the applicant.

Setting this maximum age is not arbitrary, because although you may be seduced by the idea of working in a floating city, you should also know that the working day extends beyond 11 hours and there is no possibility of free days and even many jobs are so demanding that they require you to stand for the whole day, which makes it obvious the requirement related to the maximum age of 35 years to occupy some jobs.

The language:

For example, in addition to the age of the applicant, speaking English is a priority, as it is a language that allows you to communicate with tourists from all over the world, but besides English it is also useful to know other languages such as French, German and Italian and even the more languages you master, the greater the possibility of being accepted.

In addition, it is also important that you do not have a police record, as this is a determining factor in enabling you to occupy a job independent of the cruise industry.

In fact, it is important that the applicant’s level of English is high, since you must be able to speak and understand English fluently, since this is the language spoken by the crew and almost all the visitors, since you must also think that on the cruise ship, exercises and training are carried out in English language, which is why it is necessary to be fluent in oral English, since in addition to being an employee of a cruise ship you will receive instructions so that you can address the passengers in English.

Oral comprehension of the language is easy to verify the presentation letter and curriculum vitae, but in addition to that, although you may have completed the curriculum and cover letter in perfect English, the human resources staff of the cruise ship will interview you and it will be in that interview when they will verify if you really know how to speak and understand English fluently.

However, the need for one language or another may vary depending on the job position, for example when it comes to butlers, guest service or youth staff, it is usually necessary to give importance to your knowledge of the English language when applying, as it can be portrayed as an indispensable requirement in many cruise agencies.

However, some of them, in addition to demanding a high level of English, also requires knowledge of another language such as German.

Criminal record:

Most cruise agencies will require a police clearance that says you have no criminal record.

This official document can be requested from the government agency or police department in your country of origin, so please confirm by this document that you have not been arrested and have no criminal proceedings.

How to work on a cruise ship as a crewman

If you want to know how to work on a cruise ship as a crewman, first and foremost, helpers, captain, and officers are not the only jobs of the crew, because there are many others that you can fill if there are vacancies,

For example, you can be part of the maintenance staff or deck and engine room job, which usually requires different professions and knowledge.

You can also be employed as a plumber, electrician or head of security.

And even within the crew, you can occupy a fun-oriented job position depending on your profession, as you can work as a tour guide, an artist, trainer in the gym or as a swimming instructor or casino worker, but this is a category within the crew that requires the English language to be mother tongue.

You can also be part of the crew by taking a job in the kitchen, provided you have experience and knowledge of English.

Anyway, if your level of English is not high but you can at least define yourself with a basic level of English to work on a cruise, it is enough if you are part of the cleaning staff, known as dishwater only requires experience and a basic level of English.

But if you are inexperienced but have a good level of English, you can be part of the staff of the cafeteria, bar and dining room, as you will not have contact with travelers and therefore by not communicating with them it is not necessary that your level of English is high.


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