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For all you that have asked, here is the mixture for Apple Sauce. The NEW Apple Cider Recipe Is Below The Apple Sauce.

Mixture for Apple Sauce is as follows.

For 100 gallons TOTAL mix we need

30 gallons Sodium Hypochlorite

65 Gallons water

12.5 lbs TSP

12.5 lbs Borax

Fill tank first with 65 gallons water, then add TSP the day or night before, let sit overnight.
Then, mix well the next day, add Borax, and mix again.
Then, add SH, and go clean with the Apple Sauce!

This is a good shingle roof mixture, FAR superior in cleaning ability, and longer lasting then SH/Water alone.

One can go up to 40 percent SH, and/or increase BOTH the Borax and TSP to 25 lbs each IF needed.

Here is HOW you decide on varying the mix.

Lets say your primary source of discoloration is Algae, with little atmospheric pollutants, etc.
Use standard formula Apple Sauce, 30 percent SH, and 12.5lbs each of Borax and TSP

For HEAVY Algae, go up to 40 percent SH, and keep the Borax and TSP at 12.5 lbs.
SH is a wonderful Algae remover.

But, lets say the roof has a lot of soot, air pollutants, or dirt on it, in Addition to the Algae ?
Then, we stay at 30 percent SH, and increase the TSP and Borax to 25 lbs each to better remove the offending discoloration.

TSP in “weak” concentrations is not to be feared.

A roof done with SH/Water only will not be as clean, or stay clean as long as one done with the Apple Sauce.

The TSP and Borax are both powerful cleaners in their own right, and Borax is a proven fungicide and Biostat.

The relatively poor water solubility of TSP means that it will remain behind in an invisible thin film on the roof when it dries, or is rinsed.
The Borax gets “trapped” in this film, as does some of the salt that remains from the evaporation of the SH.

This creates a “hostile environment” for Algae re growth.

The Applesauce is a proven, field tested roof cleaning system developed and perfected here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida.

For Tile Roofs, you can go up to 50 percent SH.

ALL suggested SH ratios are based on feedback from many roof cleaners in different parts of the country, and represent a good starting point.
SH varies in strength depending on it’s age.

We do NOT use the SH in these high concentrations because we are in Florida, and our stuff is STRONG and FRESH.

A good way to judge IF your SH ratio is strong enough is this.
Spray a shingle, it should take about 5 minutes to clean.
If it cleans instantly, like in 1 or 2 minutes, it is too strong, dilute a bit with water, or risk killing plants, etc, etc.

If it isn’t cleaning after 5 minutes, add more SH, but be conservative!

It is no “SIN” to have to touch up a few spots on a roof here and there.
Remember what you put on a customers roof will eventually hit the ground, his gutters, paint, plants, grass, etc, etc.

Of course, you can’t “fool around” with steep roofs shot from a ladder!
You may be lucky to GET one shot at them, and it must clean the first time.

Apple Sauce used in the stronger ranges is what is indicated here.

The Recipe For Apple CiderApple Cider, unlike Apple Sauce, is not my invention.
It is based on this US Patent Aqueous cleaning composition containing chlorinated bleach, an alcohol and a surfactant – Patent 5376296

It has been field tested by several Beta Testers, and found to be a fast cleaning, easy to make mix.
It’s advantages over Apple Sauce are, it is easier and faster to make, and more water soluble.
It’s disadvantages are, irritating fumes, and it “burns up the mix” faster then Apple Sauce.
We suggest you mix the Apple Cider up right before you start the job.
Only make up enough mix you know you will use up in a week to ten days.
Make SURE the tank is well ventilated, and we URGE you to wear a respirator when cleaning.

Here is the recipe for 100 Gallons Of Shingle Strength Apple Cider

For 100 gallons total mix of Apple Cider we need
20 to 30 Gallons Sodium Hypochlorite
70 to 80 Gallons Water
1 gallon Rubbing Alcohol
3 large bottles Ajax Dish Soap

Mix water and Sodium hypochlorite first, add Ajax Dish Soap, then add Rubbing Alcohol, and STIR real good.
Go clean
Let US know your experiences with Apple Cider.
Here are a bunch of roofs we cleaned with the two roof cleaning chemicals.

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