How to get licensed to sell insurance from home

Selling insurance from home is a viable home business that many insurance agents undertake. Many small insurance offices are actually in the agent’s house. Many prefer to work from home instead of doing it in a secluded office due to the flexible work schedule. Many insurance clients like home offices because they are less cold than a larger office equipped with many agents.

How to selling insurance from home

Each state requires that insurance vendors be licensed in the state in which they want to sell insurance. Licensing requires taking an insurance course to understand the number of insurance classes available and the legal obligations of the seller. There is also a state test to obtain the license in which you must pay a fee to the state. In many states it is illegal for an insurance company to pay this fee on behalf of an eventual employee, so the person doing the test must pay the fee in most cases.

 Become an employee of an insurance agency, such as a brokerage that sells insurance on behalf of several different companies. You could also choose to work for a specific insurance company. Since you will work at home, it is likely that most companies want to hire you as an independent contractor, rather than as an employee of the company. As an independent contractor, you may not have the benefits that go with being an employee. Negotiate rates for health insurance groups if you are hired as an independent contractor and keep track of your earnings to pay your own rates. These contractors are not subject to any employee with withholding tax.You will need an exclusive landline phone in your office, a computer to keep the record and a file cabinet to keep printed copies of insurance contracts.Make sure you have enough customers. Some insurance agencies will provide you with possible clients on a daily or weekly basis. Others sell you, customers, when you need them. You must also market your services to find your own customers distributing business cards and placing ads in newspapers offering your services.

Requirements and costs to be an Insurance Agent in Florida

The requirements to be an insurance agent in Florida are quite simple: be a resident, or in the process of obtaining residency and/or have a work permit, be over 18 years old and have a satisfactory moral conduct.  Here, there are four steps showing you how to get licensed to sell insurance and become a vendor:

1-ENROLL IN THE SCHOOL FOR INSURANCE AGENTS: The first thing you must know about how to get licensed to sell insurance in Florida is to enroll in a school certified by the state of Florida or the state that you belong to forgetting the pre-license. There are infinities of Approved Schools in Florida to get the insurance license and in the United States, you can locate some in the place where you live.   You need to define what type of license you need, they can be:

  • License 215: Life-Health and Variable Annuity Agents (Health Insurance Agent, Life and Annuity Insurance)
  • License 214: Life and Variable Annuity Agents (Life and Annuity Insurance Agent)
  • License 240: Health Agents

The first one is recommended, Life, Health, and Annuity since it is the most complete. The important thing about doing this is that you study only once for the 3 licenses. The book is the same and the costs of the school and the exam are similar.

The school is not optional, it is mandatory. The state requires you to take the exam to have passed the school. The cost of the school can be from $ 250 to $ 300 perhaps more, depending on the license you want to take out. The important thing is that in this price they include in many cases, the study materials: Guides, Questions and Answers, Orientations to take the State Exam and the essential: The book of the edition corresponding to that year.

The School of Insurance does not take much time. They are few hours a week, maybe 40 hours and you finish. You can do it on weekdays or 2 weekends, depending on your schedule availability.  Attending the School is not the only option you can do it online in certain authorized pages.

Even so, the knowledge provided by the School of Insurance is just the beginning of what you need to take the state exam. A great daily effort is required for you to finish the school appropriating for yourself the knowledge through the Book-Manual or other study documents.

2- PREPARATION STAGE OF THE STATE EXAM: This stage is decisive for the success of the exam. It is assumed that you already have the certificate of the insurance school (Certificate of Completion) for having successfully completed the course. This document is invaluable since you must present it to the state as part of the documents to request the agent exam.

At the school, you will receive precise instructions to access the official website of the State of Florida to start processing your documents and give you the date of the exam. The approximate cost is $ 111.00

When you are instructed to do so, you must make fingerprints, which are required by the State of Florida. (Approximate cost of the prints $ 60) Remember that I speak directly to you of the state where I live. The specifications for the other US states you must find out. I imagine that the procedure is similar, nevertheless, it is necessary that you look for the specific information that corresponds to you outside the state of Florida.

It is important that you master the websites of the State to obtain the Health Insurance and Life Insurance Agent License. The information about how to get licensed to sell insurance in these sites is official and can be very useful for you.

3-THE STATE EXAM: When you have all the documentation required by the state and its financial department you must request the date of the exam. It is important that you define the date and time well. Try to be the right one for you.

4-PREPARING TO SELL WITH THE DIFFERENT COMPANIES: At last, you have your license and you can sell. You’re ready!

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