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The 14 Most Demand Careers in Mexico

Which are the most demanding careers in Mexico? If you feel that your future job is too uncertain, it is best to find out what the job market needs. Keep reading!

So here we are going to show you what those are careers of the future in Mexico and so you can choose the appropriate route to be one of the most requested profiles by employers.

List of the 14 most demanded careers in Mexico

The list below is based on reports published by the SNE Labor Observatory and the Trabajando portal:

1. Industrial engineering

Manufacturing processes in factories continue to grow and this in turn represents great job offers for industrial engineers.

Even according to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO) its employability rate is 95%, which makes it one of the most requested careers in Mexico.

Still not convinced with this profession? Well, we invite you to see how much an industrial engineer earns in Mexico.

2. Digital marketing

As new companies appear, so do new job openings for marketers, especially in digital marketing.

More and more companies understand the importance of digital transformation to publicize their products or services in digital media, having a presence for example in social networks and that is why it is one of the careers of the future in Mexico.

And if it was not enough:

It is one of the highest paid careers in Mexico!

3. Systems engineering

According to a publication presented by Universal, the jobs for IT experts were significantly increased when they made a comparison between the years 2016 and 2017.

To be more precise, it was mentioned that there was an increase of 57.66% for these IT profiles. These include those of ing. in systems.

Some sources affirm that Mexico is currently the first Latin American exporter in the ICT sector and occupies the 4th place worldwide and this means great offers for sectors in which these professionals can perform such as labor, industry and health.

This makes it one of the careers with the largest labor field in Mexico, since through engineering multiple companies from various sectors have solved problems and improved productivity thanks to new technological tools.

4. Veterinary medicine and zootechnics

Mexico needs more and more veterinarians and how the Mexican Government website mentions it, the health and safety of food that we consume from animals is given thanks to these professionals.

What’s more, in Mexico specialized veterinarians in production animals are required. To be more precise, it is estimated that there is a annual increase from 8% to 9% in demand by veterinary specialists in small species.

We invite you to know how much a veterinarian earns in Mexico.

5. Architecture

According to data from the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, for the year 2015, in Mexico there was an increase of 4%. More and more construction projects are emerging in Mexico.

The new packages for construction companies in public and private investment projects, suppose a greater demand for architects in the Mexican territory.

6. Nursing

The number of nurses in Mexico has been very modest compared to the increase in the number of doctors in that country, according to the OECD.

Many people in Mexico suffer from chronic diseases and the number of current nurses is not enough for the number of patients who suffer from this type of disease.

7. Accounting

Accountants have always been essential for companies, according to the World OCC, the most requested profiles in this area have been the accountant and the accounting assistant.

Commonly you will find multiple offers for accounting profiles such as:

  • Tax accountant.
  • Payroll accountant.
  • Accounting analyst.

Among other.

Another advantage of this profession is that you can practice it while you are studying your study plans.

We invite you to see how much an accountant earns in Mexico.

8. Surgeon

The profession of surgeon is one of the professions most in demand in Mexico.

According to a report presented by the UAEMex 2019 Statistical Agenda, for the year 2018, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, this university received 6,754 applications from applicants and only 6.1% of the participants could be accepted.

If your passion is medicine, we recommend that you see how much a doctor earns in Mexico.

9. Graphic design

With new technologies and digital transformation in companies, in Mexico more and more employers need graphic design specialists to communicate their brand. These professionals are highly required to:

  • Photography.
  • Web.
  • Illustration.
  • Branding.
  • Advertising.
  • Editorial.

10. Communication sciences

Communication sciences, without a doubt, acquire greater relevance in Mexico, as a result of the new means of communication that have emerged, as a product of new technologies.

Companies need professionals who are capable of getting the message across in the correct way and through the correct medium to the target audience.

11. International relations

Political ties between countries are often of vital importance for foreign relations and the free trade agreement.

With the phenomenon of globalization, it is becoming increasingly important to have professionals who are capable of establishing such relationships.

12. Psychology

Psychology is one of the areas of health that are not so covered not only in Mexico, but in various parts of the world.

There are many who worry about their mental health, as well as those who have a disorder that affects them in the family, work or social environment in general terms.

13. Law

The job of a lawyer is one of the most demanded jobs in Mexico, even the law career ranks second among the most requested careers at UNAM.

For the year 2018, only 11.8% of the participants managed to enter law school at UNAM. In Mexico there are many lawyers, but even so this does not mean that law is what young people want to study.

Do you want to know one of the reasons why this career attracts them so much?

If you answered yes, we invite you to see how much a lawyer earns in Mexico.

14. Business administration

Business administration is the most demanded career in Mexico. A profession that allows you a quick job opportunity and that you can practice in various sectors.

Employers need to achieve their business objectives and for this reason they are increasingly requesting those with a business administrator degree in Mexico.


Many choose a profession for financial reasons despite the fact that this profession is not so sought after in the labor market. Many applicants continue to pursue the most popular professions, but not all are admitted, knowing how to choose the right profession can allow you to enjoy a quick job exit.

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