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The 8 Best Paid Careers In Colombia In 2021

Which are the Highest paid careers in Colombia in the future? If you want to guarantee your future work, professional and be well paid, it is best to be aware of the university degrees in Colombia that have high demand and good economic remuneration, in case you live in the Colombian territory and you are close to starting your stage of university studies.

Given the constant changes in the economy and technological advances, there are professionals who are more in demand than others and it is best to be prepared for these constant changes, so today we are not only going to see a list of highest paid careers in Colombia 2020 and 2021, but also those that will have a growth in job vacancies for the future.

List of the 8 best paid careers in Colombia 2021

If you do not know what to study in Colombia to be well paid in the future, do not worry, because below I will reveal the highest paid careers in Colombia, but always remember that it is best to choose the one that is not only in high demand and is well paid, but is also part of your vocation, let’s just start:

1. Study geology in Colombia

The geology career in Colombia is one of the highest paid careers in Colombia 2021 and with a greater future in the country, not only because of the high labor demand with respect to these professionals dedicated to researching the materials that can be extracted from the earth for later use, but also because of the high salaries that can be received once they graduate. of this profession.

The salary of a person who exercises his profession of geology in the Colombian territory, on average earns 7,601,104 Colombian pesos per month, but its variations are in the range of 3,344,486 Colombian pesos for the lowest to 11,477,668 Colombian pesos for the highest.

The salary increase for geologists in Colombia was 2% higher in 2019 compared to 2018 and it is estimated that the salary for these professionals in Colombia will increase slowly but continuously for future years.

This university degree has an average duration of 5 years and you can study it at universities such as Universidad Del Norte, Universidad Industrial De Santander, among others, considering that you can have job opportunities for the public and private sectors.

2. Bachelor of Laws and Laws

The legal profession cannot be absent within the best paid careers in Colombia, since annually they receive 25,975,764 Colombian pesos.

The law and law degree usually has an average duration of 5 years and if your dream is to become a lawyer you can study this profession at universities such as:

  • Atlantic University.
  • Northern University.
  • Superior School of Public Administration.

Among other.

3. Systems engineering in Colombia

I present to you another of the careers of the future in ColombiaAs part of the professionals who will always be requested, are those who have the capabilities to install, configure, test and maintain the proper functioning of computer operating systems.

This career has an average duration of 5 years and those who practice this profession usually have an average salary per month of about 2,759,268 Colombian pesos.

You can study systems engineering in Colombia at universities such as the ECCI University, the Antonio Nariño University (Bogotá Systems Engineering), to mention a few.

4. Production engineering

Having professionals who have the knowledge to administer, control and make improvements in the systems that involve the entire process that takes place from the moment a product is created until it reaches the markets, becomes a great need for companies. Business.

This makes production engineering one of the Highest paid careers in Colombia in the future And why not say that at present, since the salary of these professionals is 5,374,358 Colombian pesos per month.

Studying a production engineering career in Colombia usually lasts 10 semesters and you can study it at universities such as EAFIT University or EAN University, among others.

5. Study medicine in Colombia

Take the medical career in Colombia, is to enter one of the professions with high demand and high economic remuneration both today and for the future.

Once you are ready to practice as a doctor in Colombia, you can enter the world of work with ease, since the employability rate for medical professionals in Colombia is extremely high.

Doubts about whether this is one of the highest paid careers in Colombia? Well, medical professionals in Colombia usually earn 86,069,979 Colombian pesos per year.

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At least the duration of the medical career in Colombia There are 12 semesters, you can study this degree in universities such as Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Universidad Del Norte, Universidad De Santander, to give you some examples.

6. Electromechanical engineering in Colombia

Professionals dedicated to the innovations of technology and construction of machines that use electrical and mechanical principles are another type of highly requested and highly paid profile not only currently, but for the future in Colombia.

Electromechanical engineers in Colombia usually earn an average salary of 2,033,579 Colombian pesos per month.

Is university degree in Colombia With a high rate of employability and good remuneration, you can study it, for example, at the Autonomous University of Colombia, with a duration of 5 years.

7. Engineering in mines Colombia

If a country wants to continue to carry out the construction of roads, buildings or the development of electronic equipment, it is necessary to have the necessary materials and most of these material resources are extracted from the mines.

But to carry out the successful extraction of these resources found in the mining fields, mining engineers are required, who are the ones who carry out evaluations on how viable, safe or productive the mining areas can be.

In addition, you must have personnel capable of planning, managing and optimizing the extraction of these material resources and that is precisely part of the skills that a mining engineer has.

This makes a career in mining engineering one of the highest paid university degrees in Colombia and with a greater future, taking into account that mining engineers in Colombia have a salary that averages 4,647,210 Colombian pesos per month.

If mining engineering is a career that has caught your attention, you can study it at the Universidad Pedagógica Y Tecnológica De Colombia, with a duration of 10 semesters, having the security that you will be a graduate of one of the best paid professions in Colombia.

8. Pharmacochemistry

Another of the highest paid professions in ColombiaIt is pharmaceutical chemistry, since these professionals in charge of the design, development, analysis and evaluation of new and better medicines for the health sector industry, usually earn an average of 2,683,353 Colombian pesos per month.

The pharmaceutical chemistry career in Colombia lasts 5 years and you can study it at universities such as ICESI University in Cali, once you have graduated from this profession, you will have a wide field of work in which you can practice.

Highest paid technical careers in Colombia

As you can see, the university degrees in Colombia mentioned above, they used to last 5 years on average, but the good news is that there are other options to be a professional without going through so many years of study and having good remuneration once you graduate.

  • Technical respiratory therapy: A professional title of respiratory therapy technician in Colombia can earn you a salary of 1,650,000 Colombian pesos per month,
  • Medical sonographer technician: One of the best paid jobs in Colombia, since medical sonographers in Colombia have an average salary of 29,677,266 Colombian pesos per year.
  • Geology Technician: One of the best paid technical careers in Colombia, since these professionals usually earn an average of 26,775,071 Colombian pesos per month.
  • Radiation therapy technicians: A radiotherapy technician in Colombia usually receives a salary gain of 5,122,552 Colombian pesos per month.

These figures that have been placed with regard to the salaries of professionals in the aforementioned careers, are the salaries they receive on average.

But regularly they can have variations not only by the city in which they are working within the country of Colombia, but also the company for which they work, either in the public or private sector, without forgetting that years of experience also tend to receive in salary sums.

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