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20 Things That Successful People Never Say

In order to improve yourself, in your current work, your daily life or for your future goals, you need to focus what you want to achieve and think about how to make it happen. But the biggest part of this process is having a positive attitude and following a pattern of successful habits.

For entrepreneurs or anyone seeking to develop themselves further here are 20 things that successful people never say.

1. Do it and stop asking questions

Good people are very attentive and ready to listen to what others have to say. They love being challenged with questions as this helps them grow. Big innovators such as Steve Jobs always encouraged people to constantly ask questions on how some things should be done.

2. It is impossible

Achievers never say this or believe that something is not doable, successful people do not and will not say something cannot be done. If at all you find something not possible, you should actually look for ways on how it can be done and you make your goals and dreams come true by solving the problem or finding a solution. By having faith and believing, then anything can be achieved.

3. I give up

If you have been constantly working and trying really hard to fulfill your goals, at some point, things can really get thick and you start feeling overwhelmed. At this stage, you might feel there is no point of going on; however, successful people will always persevere through any obstacles and strive to achieve their set goals.

4. It’s too late

Many people have had to abandon their dreams simply because they think it is too late. Do not be tempted to stop half way just because you have a feeling what you are doing could have been done better had it be done much earlier, or that you are too old to change direction or startup something new.

5. I am not ready to carry on

Successful people have and will always be ready to embark on new challenges. While it is advisable you actually plan and prepare, it is in the best interest to head in the right direction. Passionate people understand the importance of starting something before they are actually ready.

6. I should have or could have

Could or should words have always implied regret, finger pointing or even blame game. People who know what they are doing do not waste their precious time wallowing in what happened in the past; they rarely regret what they did in the past. After all, one failure can be one best learning experience that can help you step closer to your goals.

7. I’m afraid of failure

Successful people are risk takers. They are not afraid to try in new things because of fear. If you are afraid to take new challenges because of fear then you have already failed. Don’t let fear or someone else stop you from working towards your ultimate goal and dream in life.

8. I really don’t know where to start

When you are going into a new area, you might actually think you do no know where to start. Sadly, you can get scared and you fail to start your goal. Don’t let that early stage scare and stop you from dreaming big. Successful people will always have realistic plans and know how they will ultimately meet their goals and objectives in life.

9. I really don’t care

For successful people, passion is in their DNA. You will never hear innovators and people who have excelled say, I hate or I don’t care’. Technically, if you do not have these two ingredients; vision and passion, you will never be in a position to face challenges and grow your business or talent in life.

10. I am not good enough

People who have excelled in their fields do not actually waste their time in area where they are not good at or lacking. They take what they are good at, and use their skills and strengths on that particular area to make the biggest impact. So if you want to be successful, don’t let those weaknesses get in your way, but use what you are good at to achieve your dreams.

11. I don’t think we need to change anything

People with vision challenge how things are done. They are very creative and consistently come up with new strategies for accomplishing tasks. They always push themselves from where they are very comfortable just because they want to evolve and help people around them stay on top.

12. This is not how we do things here

World renowned innovators and businesses people have and will always be passionate about new ideas. They appreciate people who bring in creative and problem solving skills. Entrepreneurs love change and future thinkers.

13. We have no choice

No matter the situation, smart people always have a way out. Saying I have choice has and will never be in their rule book.

14. Things have and will never go my way

Successful people always know how to create opportunities. They take steps in the right direction and maintain realistic optimistic goals. Being optimistic make it easier for you to do things, be successful and feel happier. Besides, by keeping an open mind will allow you to see more opportunities around you.

15. She is lazy or he is a jerk

Good and successful people don’t always pass judgment’s or insult other people. No matter how you are feeling or what the circumstances are, do not indulge yourself in judgmental and nonconstructive statements. If you have to raise a very genuine complaint, do it soberly and using very well documented facts. Its far better to be clear about the problems and address them directly.

16. Why do I have to do this / It’s not my job?

When you are growing in business, different people have to wear different hats. Successful people use all that is within their reach to grow their responsibilities, as well as, their teams the most.  But it is not my job has and will never be in their vocabulary’.

17. No one will help me

People with vision do not sit around and wait for others to come and help them reach their goals. They know how to take action and know when to ask for help when they are overwhelmed.

18. I’m tired and I can’t do it

If you want to achieve big things in life, it takes a lot of work and energy. If everything has always been easy for you, then you would probably never enjoy reaching a goal because it would not be a goal.

19. Its not my fault

Take full responsibility of what you do in life because successful people do. When things go wrong, do not start blaming others for what they did. Blaming others might actually be a sign of a victim mindset.

20. I know better than all of you

In the world of success, self made people do not actually exist. No one person is an island and behind every success, there is always a smart team behind it. No one is perfect and visionary people have always brought in new talents, expertise among other skills to compliment what they do not have. They trust other talents and are ready to work as a team to build something extraordinary.

Remember you might be a genius, founder or leader, but without those doers around you that believe in you, you might never have made it!

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