Power of Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs

The world today is a place suited to creative thinking

If you are trying to solve a problem with the usual straight forward approach, it’s highly likely that you will get lost in the crowd and possibly end up in somebody else’s shadow.  Why? Because today, more people who are successful are using a creative thinking process to get ahead of the competition.

This applies to life in general and especially if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur or starting up on your own. In this case creative thinking might be good for you.

Many of us do want to stand out from the crowd or gain recognition, from our friends, family colleagues or peers. This particularly applies to work and employment situations, because if you are one of the “regular’s” then the chances are that you are only earning an average salary or less than you could be.

Many people dream to become well off, but only a small percentage are likely to become truly successful entrepreneurs and reach that final goal. However, it all starts with making the transition from being a regular person into a dynamic person, using creativity to become a true entrepreneur.

To start taking your first steps towards entrepreneurship the first thing you need to have is a business idea. Ideally having a business idea which is different to that of an average thinker will give you an advantage as you will be coming up with things that are innovative or different.

People who generally fail have a poor business idea or an average business idea that has been done before. So the starting point or the base of a successful enterprise is having a creative business idea which could potentially generate a substantial value to it. I am not just saying you need to think of the next multi-million dollar mobile app or billion dollar website, but rather you need a business that can create a substantial value either from the user base, IP value or core product value by scale.

For example you could simply have an interest or passion in photography and because of that you have used some creative thinking to find a way to digitally print your photos direct from any mobile camera via your app to a factory robot that outputs the print directly to cards or T-shirts. The final products can  be mailed out to the customer directly. A business like this could have a huge B2C (business to consumer) distribution, via your app over networks like apple’s pastor on iOS and androids Google play store.

With enough consumer take up of the application (critical mass) you may soon have a few big tech and mobile space companies coming at you with an interest.

However for most of us we start off in a regular job, freelancing or other conventional ways of making money – but there are people who think laterally and use creative thinking while they are doing their work. These lateral and creative thinking people are able to create multiple business ideas while doing their day jobs, studying at university or even for some young entrepreneurs, whilst they are still at school or college.

These special people are able to think about and analyze their work laterally and are able to see things differently which are new possibilities within their work, sometimes these are new more effective ways to do their current job or it could be a variant product of something the currently work with or are involved in.

By taking their time to asses carefully, sometimes taking the more slow approach, they can see new business ideas taking shape. There are examples of lateral thinkers in regular jobs who go on to eventually earn millions in their future life by enabling their creative thinking skills early on.

The human brain has incredible cognitive powers that can be tapped into and utilize to release creative thinking processes.

Had they stayed doing conventional jobs or only continued to do what they have been assigned, their growth stories would not have been very different to that of the average person. Creative thinking is like doorway to the magic kingdom, in that it can open up a whole world of new opportunities that are right in front of you, which can take shape across numerous business ideas.

Video of TED conference with Richard Branson

Thinking laterally comes with some amount of risk as your business idea may not sync with current pattern of thinking about a particular business that you are unfamiliar with.

The lateral thinker will realize multiple opportunities and will be able to see what lies beneath each. Though thinking differently and implementing business ideas in different way creative thinkers should be able to find the best solution that has the highest chance of success and reduced rate of risk.

Generally in business, bigger deals and ideas require more risk, however often those are the ones that if pulled off successfully will yield the biggest returns and can be very profitable. Lateral thinkers are often better suited at taking and handling risks.

Lateral thinkers will always be better placed to articulate business ideas in creative ways to a prospective client than an average thinker. Lateral thinking is the very base of creativity and innovativeness. An innovative company is always going to encourage its employees to think laterally, it may not appear to be in sync with the current business ideas but in the long run, it’s going to bring about better results.

A creative thinker will always have some conspicuous traits. They will have a lot of faith in his or her own business ideas and abilities, with a conviction to stand by their business ideas when their business ideas seem drastically different or radically entrepreneurial.

Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation – How he got started – 1980 

A creative thinker is very analytical in his thinking and has some sort of innate ability to predict an outcome or foresee the results of their actions. In short, a creative thinker will always be very innovative and his business idea will carry some amount of risk as he or she will often be moving in untested territories. A lateral thinker knows that life has challenges and he or she possesses all the courage to face it.

Creative thinking is mostly inbuilt and some people are born creative thinkers but the good news is that you can learn and practice lateral thinking as well.

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