Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Carpetting Looking Like New

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Your carpet is a focal point in your rooms. Even if you have neutral colored carpeting, it provides the background for
the rest of your room. It also gives your home the warmth and style you had in mind when you chose the color and type.
The eye is immediately drawn to spots, stains, and worn high traffic areas. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent
the rapid destruction of your carpet with some practical cleaning tips and preventative measures. The seven best ways to
keep your carpet fresh and bright are as follows:

  1. Take off Shoes – In many cultures it is unheard of to wear shoes in the house. People immediately remove
    their shoes and put on house slippers or flip flops. By taking off your shoes, you keep the dirt, germs, and
    anything else you’ve walked over in the course of the day from being dragged into your house and embedded in your
    carpet. For some people, the ‘pickiness’ of this idea is not appealing. It is your lifestyle and your carpet.
    If you want to leave your shoes on, do not fret. You can always clean more often.
  2. Vacuum Regularly – I know a vacuum cleaner wears out a carpet, but so does dirt and sand. Abrasive substances can
    wear the fibers of your carpet. Walking over a dirty carpet grinds those materials deeper into your carpet, causing
  3. Deep Clean as Needed – Choose an effective method of deep carpet cleaning that does not leave a residue, whether you
    choose to do it yourself, or hire a professional. The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of traffic in your
  4. Blot / Don’t Rub – When you have a spot on the carpet, use an appropriate cleaner. It can be homemade or a product
    specifically for cleaning carpets. Instead of rubbing the stain, and smearing it around while damaging carpet fibers,
    carefully blot with a clean cloth or rag.
  5. Do Not Let It Sit – I know it sounds like common sense, but the longer you let a stain sit on the carpet, the harder
    it is to get it cleaned. Try to stay on top of your cleaning. As soon as you see a mark or spot, take care of it
  6. Don’t Get it Too Wet – When you clean your carpet, don’t get it too wet. If you have a spill that is very wet, you
    should promptly use extraction to get as much water out of the carpet as possible. The last thing you need is mildew
    in your carpet!
  7. Keep your children and pets in a tent in the yard – You know I am kidding with you. But let’s face it; they will
    probably keep making messes. Aren’t they more important than a clean carpet, though?

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