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Types of graphs recommended for the presentation of company data

One of the different types of charts is the one you choose to display your company’s data once you’ve collected it, decrypted it, and decided to communicate that data in the most efficient way.

However, as there are many types, which one to choose, on what criteria will you make the choice? Don’t get complicated.

For this reason you should continue reading because below you will find the explanation that you are looking for and that will help you to choose the one that best represents the data of your company.

How to choose one of the different types of graphics

To be able to choose the best of the different types of graphics you must follow a few steps like:

1.Decide the message you will transmit with your company’s data, for example can transmit a relationship, which means that there will be a connection between one or more variables analyzed.

They can transmit a distribution with data that may or may not be related to the objective of exerting a check on their interaction.

They can also transmit a comparison, which means that several variables react with a particular one.

In turn the data can transmit a composition where several types of variables will be found that in the same umbrella are grouped to be shown together.

2. Like any company, yours has its own needs so you must find the one that best suits them, because by taking into account the possible messages that can transmit the data depending on it, you will choose the graphic that best transmits it.
3. Ask yourself if you are interested in data collection and analysis that shows long-term progress or a particular moment.
4. After you have chosen the type of graph you will think of the best design to make a good presentation, clearly labeling the axes, eliminating the grid and eliminating information that cannot be displayed correctly at a distance.

For the objective of a graph and for it to be effective must be understood by all readers, because it will not help you to have chosen a graph effective, perfect, with the best design and optimal results if not all readers can understand.

What are the types of statistical charts?

  1. The types of statistical graphs are those that express information in a clear and easy to understand way such as bar graphs, frequency polygon, pictograms, histograms and pie charts.
  2. They differ from others because each type is used for a particular purpose.
  3. While one type is used for incidences or trends, another is used so that in a given situation it can be detected within a minority or majority.
  4. The bar graph uses different vertical or horizontal bar colors and serves to detect certain information within a group previously surveyed.
  5. The pie chart is representative of percentages and is used to measure a situation within a specific group of individuals, states, etc.
  6. The histogram is the representation of a variable determined from bars that are proportional to each one of its values including surface, frequency, etc.

The vertical axis indicates frequencies and the horizontal axis indicates the values of the variables.

7.      The frequency polygon is a linear graph. It is representative of incidences, that is to say that it indicates answer of quantitative variables. The polygon is born by joining the points of the upper bases that are located in each bar of a bar diagram.
8.       The pictogram replaces the bars with drawings of the subject dealt with in the survey, as they can be very varied such as social status, fashion, food and many others.

The size is proportional to the frequency that is represented and for a better interpretation it is better that they are indicated.

What is the box and whiskers diagram?

  1. The box and whiskers diagram is a visual representation showing features, symmetry and dispersion.
  2. There are three quartiles represented, aligned vertically or horizontally a rectangle with the minimum and maximum values of the data.
  3. In other words, a rectangular box represents the interquartile path on the longest sides, is divided with a vertical segment that shows the mean position and reaction to the third quartiles and first because the second is coincident with the mean position.
  4. The extremes mark the minimum and maximum values of the variable.
  5. From the box come lines called whiskers whose extension is limited, so all data within that extension is identified individually.
  6. Through the diagram of boxes and whiskers is the best way to visualize groups of numerical data by quartiles.
  7. Those lines that extend parallel to the box are the whiskers that serve because they indicate the variable of the upper and lower quartiles.
  8. Outliers are represented with individual points in line with the whiskers.


What is a flowchart?

  1. The flowchart shows a computer algorithm, computer system, or process, but is generally used to plan, study, communicate, or make improvements.
  2. It uses diamonds, ovals, rectangles and many more figures to make a step definition with arrows that serve to establish frequency and flow.
  3. They can be simple desgrams to much more complex diagrams that are created with a computer to define multiple routes and steps.
  4. Anyway it is the most used diagram in the world by people who are not techniques because it can be used in a very wide variety of fields.

What is Kagi’s chart?

  1. The Kagi chart is a price chart that uses thick and vertical lines as well as thin lines that connect to horizontal lines and can add a vertical line when inverted prices are detected that terminates the current downtrend or uptrend.
  2. Therefore in the current column you will only have a downward or upward movement until there is a change of direction.

What is the network diagram?

The network diagram represents a telecommunications network or computers including the interaction of components and how they make up the network with firewalls, hubs, devices and routers, etc. and ultimately represents a LAN, local area network.

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