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What are AllPoint ATMs and how to use them

The network of ATMs of the various banks within the United States is an important resource for people to access cash.

It is a dynamic system that adapts to the needs of users and can continue to expand. The AllPoint ATMs They have joined this network and we will tell you what makes them special.

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  1. What are AllPoint ATMs
  2. How to use an AllPoint ATM
  3. Using Cardtronics ATMs without a card
  4. Avoid fees with AllPoint ATMs

What are AllPoint ATMs

To our knowledge, the AllPoint ATM network around the world has at least 285,000 machines that are distributed in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia or South Africa, among others.

This brand is a division of the North American company Cardtronics, which specializes in promoting access to commission-free cash.

In the US, the network is made up of about 55,000 ATMs that you can go to as long as the sponsoring bank or the issuer of your credit card is affiliated with it.

At this time there are at least 1,000 financial institutions that have created an alliance with this company to better serve their clients.

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If you want to withdraw money, make inquiries or other procedures without having to pay, you only have to locate the nearest AllPoint ATM. These machines are usually identified with a big green logo named after him.

You can also use the app for your favorite device or use the web locator to find out if your bank or credit union belongs to this network.

The closest ATM you can find may not have the AllPoint name logo on it. However, as long as it is on the locator list, it should give you a commission free service.

How to use an AllPoint ATM

There is no mystery when it comes to using an AllPoint ATM. Once you can identify one or locate it, and your bank is affiliated with the network, you will be able to carry out the operations as you have always done.

In most of the times, you will only have to insert the card, enter your password and make the transaction you need.

AllPoint ATMsIt is possible that the following will appear on the screen: “surcharge message”. Although this refers to a charge, there are machines with technological limitations that continue to display this message.

Proceed normally indicating yes and you will see that when the receipt comes out there will be no commission. If for any reason a fee is applied to you, you will have to contact the card issuer for the refund.

The fact that you want to use an AllPoint ATM does not mean that you cannot use your card in your bank’s official network or in other entities’ systems. The only difference is that they could charge you a commission when you use an operator that is not linked to your banking institution.

Using Cardtronics ATMs without a card

Depending on the bank, it is possible to find AllPoint ATMs in which you can make deposits.

To this has been added the advantage of withdrawing money without having a card on hand. Known as Cardless Cash (cash without card), this service is supported by the Fis Mobile Banking app, which serves as a remote control for the ATM. This application also includes a locator so you can find the closest ATM.

When you are going to withdraw, you must select the option Cardless Cash in the on-screen menu for the machine to generate a QR code. Then you scan the code with the app and once verified, the ATM gives you the money. Upon completion, you get an electronic receipt on your device.

According to the Cardtronics company, there are currently 11 thousand ATMs that have this service and 8 thousand more are being prepared to join the system.

According to the executive vice president of this company, many banks that already have this service in their own ATMs also want to add it to the AllPoint network, benefiting their account holders.

This same executive points out that users they only have to use their smartphone to withdraw money hassle-free and safe.

In addition, the implementation of QR codes eliminates constant and costly updates for these machines. It emphasizes that the mission of Cardtronics is to reduce the operating costs of financial entities and facilitate access to cash for cardholders.

Avoid fees with AllPoint ATMs

In our opinion, the AllPoint ATM network is a great advantage for both affiliated banks and those who are customers of these financial institutions.

Most people try avoid charging commissions for this type of transaction, which is why this initiative is very well received. In this way, banks increase loyalty and businesses that have these machines increase their traffic.

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