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What are black credit cards

To a greater or lesser extent, we all want to have access to exclusive products or also known as premium. In the world of finance, black credit cards they have become that unmistakable symbol of wealth, elegance and VIP status.

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  1. What is a black credit card
  2. How to get a black credit card
  3. How much does it cost to have a Black card
  4. Benefits of these cards
  5. How to compare black credit cards
  6. Final Recommendations

As is to be expected, few have access to these plastics and that is why we will tell you what it takes to have one.

    What is a black credit card

    In principle, it is a highly exclusive credit instrument that is reserved for those who handle a lot of money or they are known for their fortunes.

    Obtaining one is not exactly easy, since they are only offered by invitation to people who have an exuberant lifestyle. Among those that exist in the market, the most recognized is the American Express Black.

    Although there are credit cards with very attractive benefits that are not in this category, they are far from offering the advantages of a Black card.

    Cash Rewards credit cardCash Rewards credit card

    • APR: 16.24%
    • Annual quota: $ 0
    • Credit limit: Consult

    More infoRequestChase Freedom Credit CardChase Freedom Credit Card

    • APR: 14.99%
    • Annual quota: $ 0
    • Credit limit: Consult

    More infoRequestWells Fargo Cash Wise VisaWells Fargo Cash Wise Visa

    • APR: 13.99%
    • Annual quota: $ 0
    • Credit limit: Consult

    More infoRequestCiti Rewards + CardCiti Rewards + Card

    • APR: 15.49%
    • Annual quota: $ 0
    • Credit limit: Consult

    More infoRequestTD Cash credit cardTD Cash credit card

    • APR: 15.24%
    • Annual quota: $ 0
    • Credit limit: Consult

    More infoRequest

    That superior level of personalized attention, services, insurance and other benefits are reserved for those who use to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel, food, shopping and other habitual consumptions.

      How to get a black credit card

      Many would like to have a black credit card for different reasons, especially because of its almost unlimited financing. However, the issuers of this class of plastics are quite demanding as to who deserves this exclusivity.

      As we’ve revealed before, most of it is by invitation and you can’t just ask for it because you want to live a life of luxury.

      The exception is the Luxury Card Mastercard Black Card And there are some recommendations that you can implement to get one of these plastics.

      Black credit cardIf you want the coveted invitation to be sent to you, you can start spending larger amounts and more often. It is said that an annual consumption of $ 250,000 in any American Express, could give you the ticket to a VIP upgrade.

      On the other hand, getting the approval of the institutions that offer these products depends on the amount of assets you manage. For example, Chase Bank’s black TDCs are only available to select clients with large investments and large amounts deposited.

      Even so, it is difficult to know how much it takes to have in these institutions to be considered for these plastics.

        How much does it cost to have a Black card

        The issuance of a credit card requires a greater investment to enjoy its advantages. On average, the annuity of these premium products is above $ 450, but it can be much higher.

        In the case of the Amex Centurion, the initiation fee is $ 7,500 and the annual commission is $ 2,500. There are other black plastics whose cost is not even known.

          Benefits of these cards

          In addition to its costs, you should also know the benefits associated with a common Black credit card. Among them, we can highlight:

          • Bonuses for travel.
          • 24/7 concierge service.
          • Higher or unlimited credit limits.
          • Special upgrades at affiliated hotels.
          • VIP access to events, experiences and more.
          • Comprehensive travel insurance with more coverage.
          • Special design of the plastic, which can be carbon or titanium.
          • Complementary upgrades for airline and hotel programs.
          • Availability of hundreds of exclusive lounges at airports through Priority Pass Select membership.

            How to compare black credit cards

            When you have the opportunity to get a TDC Black, it is always good to consider its most relevant aspects to choose the best option. There are 3 basic categories for your comparison:

            • commissions. With these financial products, cost-benefit is a key point. What you get for consuming in the categories that interest you the most should include more compensation than what you pay for the annuity.
            • Rewards. It’s fair to say that these exclusive plastics are not the ones that offer the best rewards because they are focused on delivering the greatest benefits. If you need a TOC that gives you good rewards, such as cards with cash back, check which is the one that best suits your consumer categories.
            • Accessories. The comparison of the advantages should be guided by what you can take advantage of the most. These products have their differences in terms of loyalty programs, points or miles, insurance, entertainment, travel protections and more.

              Final Recommendations

              Even if you receive the invitation to be awarded a black credit card, it does not mean that you should take it without analyzing it well.

              There are a wide variety of financial products on the market that could cost you less to maintain and provide you with much more value. The same happens if you have several invitations, we suggest you compare your options.

              Beyond exclusivity, black credit cards They should serve to complement your personal finances and not to invite you to spend more.

              In the Hispanic Business Blog search / comparator you can find updated reviews on different TDCs and other financial products designed to give you liquidity when you need it most.


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