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What Are The Shortest Careers In America

You want to know what are the shortest careers in the United States?

Study any of the university careers in the USA It may take years of dedication to earning a degree, but fortunately there are short careers to study in the USA and that they are well paid, and I speak of 2-year races at most mostly, even that you can study online.

If you do not know what to study in the USAAn advice that I give you from now on is that you read this article to the end so that you can see the entire list of options and why it is convenient for you to study any of these short careers in the USA.

List of short races in the United States

Although this list of college majors in the United States Include only those of short duration, take into consideration that it must be something that you are really passionate about and even better, if you are aware that you have the qualities or aptitudes to be successful in the career you are going to choose.


Paralegals are paralegals and other legal professionals to carry out the investigation and organization of all events that occur with respect to a specific legal case.

The wonder of this profession is that its average duration is usually 2 years at most, without having to live in law school, but it also usually promises an average salary of about $ 47,000, undoubtedly one of the short, well-paying careers in the United States and you can take it at universities such as Roger Williams University, Bay Path University, Clarion University Of Pennsylvania, among others.

Although it is also true that many law firms will prefer to select applicants who already have experience, especially in the administrative field at the office level once they have graduated from university, but it is still one of the best careers to study in the United States.

Police officer

Studying a career as a police officer is another of the shorter careers to study in the United States, since its duration can be 24 months, you can study it in educational institutions such as Houston Community College, Tarrant County College District, among others, taking into account that you must first have finished high school, be 21 years old and pass a very demanding physical test.

The work of the police is not only dedicated to ensuring the safety of the citizenry or the capture of people who must be taken to the authorities, but they must also draft detailed forms, prepare cases related to the law and attend the courts to give their testimony.

The average annual salary of a police officer is usually approximately $ 54,269, their pay is high due to the danger to which they can be exposed in cases of having to walk on the streets at night hours after the persecution of individuals who are being required by law .

Computer programmer

The career of computer programmer is not only usually one of the best careers to study in the USA, but also one of the highest earners, averaging $ 75,000 a year, without the need for an advanced degree as a computer programmer.

Knowing how different programming languages ​​work, as well as knowing how to debug a software for its correct operation, are part of the tasks to be carried out as a programmer.

The career of computer programmer, you can study it in institutes such as MiraCosta College, Governors State University, College Of Southern Nevada, among others, although you can also become a Javascript language developer within a period of 6 months.


Within the technical careers in the United StatesThe electrician that can take you about 4 months to certify, is well paid, since to be one of the shortest careers to study in the United States, your average annual salary income can be almost $ 53,000.

As an electrician, your job would be to provide installation, maintenance and repair services for electrical cables both in houses and in buildings.

This electrician certification can be taken at Ashworth College and best of all, it has the course online, so if you are already working, then you can take this course in your free time.

Flight attendant

The flight attendant training lasts 3 weeks if we talk about the fastest course and you can take it at Inflight Institute, The Travel Academy, among others, although it can also last 4 weeks.

If you like to travel to different countries, then this career would be a dream come true for you, since the flight attendant is not only the one in charge of serving food and drinks to passengers, but also must ensure safety of passengers during the flight.

Take into account that the airlines pay you food and lodging at the destination where the trip has been, so that you can save good amounts of money, since the average salary is $ 48,500 a year.

Physiotherapy assistant

Physiotherapy is still one of the valid races in the United States even though it may take a month to become certified as a physical therapy assistant, making it one of the university degrees in the United States Of shorter duration, with a potential average annual income of $ 45,300, you can take this certification online with the US Career Institute.

Your job as a physiotherapy assistant is to provide patients who are cared for by physical therapists so that they can recover from some physical ailment, injuries to be more specific.

Commercial truck driver

Undoubtedly one of the easy and short runs In the United States that you can study, since it only takes 3 weeks to acquire a certificate, but it promises you an average annual salary of $ 41,340, an option to study this certification is at Best Truck Driving Schools.

Generally, the wholesale inventory that a consumer tends to buy in a store or super market, is transported in trucks. Depending on the merchandise or area in which you work, the trips you are going to make by truck can be short or long.

Regardless of the fact that the trip may be long, remember that you can see it as a form of walk, regardless of whether you are working, you will spend most of your time sitting.

Travel agent

The travel agent career is short due to its duration of 4 months, but with a salary that can be around $ 37,000 on average per year. This is one of the best options for those people who like to experience different places.

Your job as a travel agent would consist of providing help to those who seek to travel, providing those interested with itineraries, although it is also true that this work in certain cases is done from home.

You can take the travel agent course at Ashworth College, The Travel Institute, among others.

Personal trainer

If what you love is staying healthy through exercise, but you also enjoy being able to help other people to carry out a healthy lifestyle in which they can stay in shape, then becoming a personal trainer would be the right thing for you. .

Not only would you be earning a lot of money with a career that can give you an annual salary of $ 41,000 and that you can take at The American Council on Exercise, Fitness Mentors, among others, but you would also be having fun at work and the personal trainer course It can take a period of time that goes between 8 and 10 weeks.

Transcriber for hospitals

The medical transcription career usually lasts two years, which makes it enter this list of short university degrees And you can take it at College Of Lake County, El Paso Community College, among others and it lasts for 2 years, with an average annual salary ranging from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.

Medical transcriptionists are always necessary in hospitals, since thanks to the large volume of patients that professionals in the medical field have to attend to on a daily basis, they do not have time to fully update the medical record of each patient.

As a medical transcriptionist, your role would be to convert the auditory recordings of those professionals in white coats in Hospitals to text documents.

Language interpreter

This is a great option for many people, since thanks to the phenomenon of globalization, not all people who come to different countries know how to speak the language of the country they are currently in, that is where the need for an interpreter comes in. of languages.

The more languages ​​you can speak or interpret the better, since the easier it will be to find jobs, taking into account that we are talking about a profession that can give you an average annual salary of up to $ 54,000, which makes it one of the best paid short careers in the USA.

You can study this career as an interpreter in Languages ​​at universities such as Gallaudet University, Florida International University and can last up to 3 years.

Radiology technician

If you were looking for technical careers in the USA, the career of radiology technician can give you an average annual salary of $ 49,990 and for this you only need to fulfill an associate degree that can take a maximum period of two years.

If you take note, it is one of the short courses to study and well paid. Even within technical careers in Miami, radiology technician jobs pay no less than $ 43,000 per year minimum. Your role as a radiology technician would be taking CT scans, mammograms, and X-rays.

If you want to study one of the highest paid technical careers in the United States, then the career of radiology technician can be studied at universities such as Amarillo College, Southeast Arkansas College, among others.

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