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What Is An Insurance Broker

¿What is an insurance broker? A insurance broker, also know as insurance broker, is a professional who as an intermediary acts on behalf of those users who are in search of the insurance policy that best suits your needs.

That is, a insurance broker looks after its clients and not an insurance company, since the insurance brokers They are not employees of insurance companies, nor do they have direct associations with them.

How to be an insurance broker step by step?

For be an insurance broker It is necessary that you are familiar with the insurance market, in this way you will be able to know how to advise your clients when they request your services, however, below I leave you a list of steps that will help you to be a broker successful:

1. Get a bachelor’s degree

Although it is not necessarily one of the requirements to be an insurance brokerWithout a doubt, having a university degree will make your resume more attractive to recruiters when looking for a job in a company insurance broker.

Having a high school bachelor is enough to work as an insurance broker in the first instance, but acquiring bachelor’s degrees in insurance and risk management will certainly enrich your CV before recruiters of a insurance brokerage.

2. Take an insurance broker course

One of the main requirements to be an insurance broker it is training.

Take a course for insurance broker is the next step to acquire a insurance broker license, and if you are within the United States, each state may have a minimum amount of training hours required, prior to obtaining your license.

3. Acquire your insurance broker license

To purchase a insurance broker license, it is vitally important to pass the exam that must be taken to certify yourself as insurance broker and thus be able to operate in the state where you want to practice either with your own insurance brokerage or for another company of insurance brokerage.

Having this license is what will allow you to broker property and casualty insurance, life insurances, sell auto insurance, commercial insurance in short.

4. Get a job at an insurance brokerage

Acquiring a job position within a brokerage company would be the next step, which will allow you to acquire more knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, so that as you learn and show great skills, you can scale within said company, this can undoubtedly be one of the most important stages of your brokerage career, since you can allow yourself in the future to start your own brokerage company.

What does an insurance broker do?

The functions of an insurance broker They are often confused with those of a warehouse or telephone salesperson, but the difference is that instead of being like these types of salespeople, brokers must also act as advisers and marketers, since their clients do not consist of only natural persons, but Also in companies, below I show you a list of their functions:

  • Create your prospect list.
  • Contact your potential clients to offer insurance products.

  • Establish conversations with clients to know in depth their needs and thus provide advice on the type of insurance policy that is most convenient for said client based on the coverage that said policy may cover, also taking into consideration that it fits in the best way to the budget of its clients.
  • Explain about the terms and conditions of the policies to clients.
  • Make negotiations on lower cost rates based on an analysis of the history of those who are already insured, taking into account the number of insurance that said client is acquiring.
  • Represent the client in front of the insurance company, always looking after the interests of said client.
  • Promote your services to increase your client portfolio.

Why hire an insurance broker?

Many times you may not know what the coverage of insurance policies are, but one of the advantages is that they can make it easier for you to know what to choose based on what you specifically require.

For example, if you need a life insurance brokerThis can help you choose not only the lowest prices, but also the best disability policy, as it can present you with many options to choose from.

In the same way, it can help you choose the best car insurance.

Brokers can have trusting relationships with insurers and this gives you the advantage of being able to get personalized quotes and lower rates when buying an insurance policy.

Another advantage is that they already have selected the insurance companies that best suit each type of client.

What are insurance brokerages?

The insurance brokerages They are companies that, like insurance brokers, act as intermediaries between insurers and clients, but are made up of a team of insurance professionals.

Where can you get an insurance brokerage?

If you need the advice of an expert to acquire the best coverage plans for you, here is a list of companies that provide insurance brokerage services in the following countries:

1. Insurance broker in Mexico

  • Arca Insurance.
  • THB Retail Brokers.
  • GINflex Insurance.

2. Insurance broker in Peru

  • Meadow.
  • VIP.
  • Zölid Brokers.
  • RIMAC.

3. Insurance broker in Argentina

  • Marsh.
  • Middle Sea.
  • Aon.
  • Consulgroup.
  • Laurel.

4. Insurance broker in Ecuador

  • amb.
  • Nova Ecuador.
  • Tecniseguros Ecuador.

5. Insurance broker in the United States

  • Willis Towers Watson.
  • Marsh.
  • BB&T Insurance Holdings.
  • USI Insurance Services.


When you don’t know how to choose a specific type of insurance that meets your needs, simply hire an expert in insurance brokerage to save money and have the best guarantees.

Frequently asked questions about insurance brokers

✅What is an insurance broker?

A insurance broker is a professional who advises his clients on the insurance policy that best suits your needs and acts as an intermediary to negotiate prices with various insurers.

✅What Does an Insurance Broker Do?

A “insurance broker” It sells insurance from different insurers to its clients, be it auto insurance, life insurance or other types of insurance, and charges commissions for the sale of said insurance.

✅How Much Does an Insurance Broker Make in the United States?

An insurance broker earns an average of $ 69,290 per year in the United States.

✅How much does an insurance broker earn in Peru?

The salary for insurance brokerage professionals in Peru is S /. 2,000. These figures are based on salaries found in posted job openings.

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