Which are the best laptop brands that have fewer faults

The best brands of laptops are of course those that do not fail and therefore are those that users prefer because you forget the costs involved in repairing a laptop and on the other hand also make sure that if the repair is very expensive you will not think that you should buy a new one.

So if you are about to buy a laptop should know which are the most reliable brands that do not fail or at least that their failures are minimal.

In fact all computer manufacturers conform to quality standards that are very strict so that your product has a good brand prestige.

However, despite the quality control there can be failures when the computer reaches the end user, so instead of preferred brands it is best to be guided by the trust that users have placed in certain computers.

Even one user’s satisfaction may differ from another’s and that’s why while some may recommend Alienware to you, others will tell you that the best is ROG.

How to Know the Best Laptop Brands

Therefore to establish the best brands of laptops, it is best to conform to studies and statistics, in this sense…

Asus laptop brand and Toshiba brand lead the laptop market as best brands.
In second position you can consider the Sony laptop, the Apple and the Dell laptop.
In third place is the Lenovo laptop, the HP, the Gateway and the Acer laptop, being the HP the first to be in third place as the best.

Among the Asus, the AUS TUF Thin &Light gaming laptop with Intel core 8th gen, the red master edition.

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5285 of third generation with Intel core i3 of 1366 x 768 pixels.
The Dell Gaming G Series laptop with eighth-generation Intel core i5 features a 1TB HDD hard drive.
The Mac book air of 13″ of Apple with Intel i5, hard disk of 128 GBN and Intel HD 6000.

What are the best brands of laptop computers

You already knew which are the best brands of laptop computers, but always analyzes what you are going to use it for, what is the utility that you will give to that laptop so that depending on it you look for its characteristics, models and brands.

It is not so important that one model is more expensive or cheaper than another, because the important thing is that it meets the requirements of your needs.

An equipment that does not fail you will buy if you guide yourself by the reviews and opinions of other users without limiting yourself to it but at the same time you must evaluate those opinions and revisions.

Which are the best brands of computers? Which one to buy?

You want to know the best brands of computers because you know it is an important investment either for your work or entertainment and you want not to fail you and meet your expectations, then the following are considered the best:

Lenovo computers received the best ratings due to their battery life, good models, border-free screen and yoga book keyboard.
The Asus computer has a good price-quality ratio and due to the quality of its components is ranked second in the ranking of the best brands with its high-end models aimed at gamers.
The Dell computer ranks third as one of the best because of the development of models for both the common user and the gamers. The models of the Alienware line are the best.
The HP are always located among the best computers with satisfaction guarantee, high-end laptops called ultrabooks and also have good value for money.
The Acer has visibility around the world, so any failure can be repaired because anywhere in the world you will find the replacement of its components. It ranks fifth with good value for money.
Apple computers are unquestionable with warranty and technical support, however due to its most recent model in which they eliminated standard USB ports and does not have models with reduced prices led to the brand to sixth position in the ranking.

Which are the best and worst brands of laptops

The best and worst brands of laptops cannot be thrown at random if it is not through market research.

For this reason the company in charge of carrying out the study was SquareTrade that was in charge of making an independent and reliable study evaluating consumer equipment in the United States with its warranty services and reported failures for three years, resulting in:

The Asus laptops were the ones with the fewest failures. In second place Toshiba brand due to the same reasons, Sony brand was ranked in fourth place as the brand that presented fewer bugs.

Fourth, it ranked the Apple brand as the brand of laptops with the fewest failures.

The fifth place was won by HP, because according to the study by SquareTrade, the most important brand in the world was the Apple.
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